Tattooed Eyebrow Removal Featured on Channel 4

claire hobsonBodyshockers Nips, Tucks and Tattoos

The 6th episode of this programme, shown 11th February, features a patient called Sarah, who had lived to regret having black eyebrows permanently tattooed in the hope of a quick-fix to avoid daily touch-ups. Her journey to restoring a more normal face included laser hair removal.

In this programme, Katie Piper meets people planning major body modifications as well as people who’ve already had them and regret it.

Apart from the pain of the original procedure, Sarah was so disappointed with the result that she hid her eyebrows beneath a long fringe on a daily basis. The eyebrows were done in an unnatural and very high solid shape and Sarah was embarrassed about the appearance. The tattoo ink was turning blue and the brows take more maintenance than ever.

Sarah had painful laser removal of the tattoos in a series of sessions to break down the permanent black ink in her eyebrows.

Read more and watch the programme at Nips, Tucks and Tattoos on Channel 4.

Claire Hobson at SkinViva

Claire Hobson is a highly popular semi-permanent makeup artist who’s worked on many celebrities. Her popularity means that there is a 6-month waiting list for direct clients, but SkinViva have a series of dates agreed with Claire, enabling people to see her much earlier at the Castlefield skin clinic in Manchester.

Semi-permanent brushstroke brows

Claire’s technique is to restore eyebrows with tiny, defined brushstrokes of semi-permanent ink. The unique 3D hairstroke brows technique creates a result which is incredibly natural looking and flattering and has been very popular with celebs.

Claire is known nationally for her work with semi-permanent eyeliner, lips and eyebrows and has featured in national press such as The Daily Mail.

Please contact us to book your consultation with Claire: call 0161 865 1141, email

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