Survey Reveals Beauty Worries

Women Spend over 12 Hours a Week Worrying About Appearance

Is it vanity or is it normal?

A new survey has revealed that Bristish women spend over 12 hours a week worrying about various aspects of their appearance – amounting to over a month of their waking time each year or 627 hours to be precise.

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    The research, commissioned by Invista (who own the Lycra Beauty fabric brand) asked 2,000 women how much time they spend thinking about their looks and it was surprising just how much it added up to.

    48% of those asked admit they probably spend too long thinking about their appearance, yet the worries do add up.

    Top Beauty Worries:

    • Being overweight – 1 hour 46 mins
    • Whether outfit / clothes look okay – 1 hour 32 mins
    • Whether wobbly bits are covered up – 1 hour 26 mins
    • Being bloated – 1 hour 1 mins
    • Frizzy / greasy hair – 57 mins
    • Having spots – 56 mins
    • What to wear – 50 mins
    • Uneven skin tone – 50 mins
    • What underwear to wear under an outfit – 39 mins
    • Tan / lack of a tan – 36 mins
    • Being too thin – 22 mins

    While this may seem excessive, it is the accumulated impact of a few minutes a day. 1 hour 46 worrying about weight equates to just 15 minutes a day – which if you are dieting is easy to recognise.

    A nice healthy skin was equally important with 1 hour 46 a week working about issues such as spots and uneven skin tone, although again 15 minutes a day doesn’t sound so unreasonable.

    Researchers also found that a major event (e.g. party, wedding, interview, night out) would add further time to the fashion and beauty dilemmas.

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