Surgical Face Lift vs VivaLift

What is a VivaLift? A VivaLift is an innovative treatment that is exclusive to SkinViva Manchester.

Designed by Dr Tim Pearce himself, it is a non-invasive face lift that uses injectables.

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    Dermal Fillers are used to lift the face and add volume, whilst also helping to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. This helps to create a rejuvenated and youthful look without looking like you’ve had something ‘done’.

    vivalift surgical face lift


    How does a VivaLift differ to a traditional face lift?

    • Complications – The VivaLift is a non-invasive procedure so there are less serious risks and complications compared to a surgical face-lift. Numbing cream is used rather than general anaesthetic making the potential risks much lower.
    • Recovery – A surgical facelift requires a long recovery time of around 2-4 weeks. There is little to no downtime with a VivaLift. There is a risk of minor swelling which should disappear in around 24 hours.
    • Pain – A surgical face lift is known to be a very painful operation due to the multiple incisions that are made in sensitive areas. You are also highly likely to be left with scarring. However, a Vivalift uses numbing cream and the injections should feel no more painful than a pinprick.

    vivalift results

    • Cost – A surgical facelift is one of the most expensive procedures you can have, costing up to £10,000. A VivaLift at SkinViva is a FRACTION of the price, making it a much more affordable option.
    • Results – The results of a surgical face lift are extremely difficult to correct if done wrong. Whereas the results of a VivaLift can easily be altered if desired. Fillers are not permanent and can last up to 2 years. If you wanted rid of them immediately then they can be dissolved with a solution called Hyalase.

    How does it differ to other injectable treatments then?

    This treatment is different to our other options because it uses Multi-micropoint™ and ArqVectoring™ technology.

    This means that the injections are carefully placed all over the face rather than in certain areas. This creates that look where people won’t be able to tell if you’ve had something done – you’ll just look well.


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