Superdrug open Botox & Fillers clinic: a high street first

Today, news has broken that high street store Superdrug are trialing a Botoxdermal filler service in their London Strand flagship store.

superdrug botox fillers

If it is a success, the service will be rolled out nationwide. It is the first retail space that will offer the services on the high street.

This is not the first time they have tried – Superdrug offered these services in 2007 & 2011, but they soon pulled the clinics from their stores.

However, this time round, the launch has come at a time when fillers and anti-aging treatments are at an all time high. Whether it is down to Kylie Jenner or Love Island, injectables are here to stay.

A spokesperson for the brand said:

“We know from our research among 10,000 customers that feeling confident about how you look is linked to a person’s wellbeing, and that’s different for all of us. For some it might mean having their eyebrows threaded or getting their nails done, for others taking new vitamins or getting fitter, or it might be about smoothing out fine lines.”

The rising trend of Botox and Dermal Fillers.


The benefits of Botox have been known for some time, yet it’s only in recent years that we have been aware of the public’s awareness of dermal fillers as they become more educated on the benefits.

We firmly believe that these injectable treatments will overtime become commonplace, and the public will accept it as a routinely “treat” – such as going to have your hair and nails done.

But this isn’t going to happen overnight. There is still a lot of stigma around the industry, which isn’t helped with poor practitioners.

botox fillers superdrug

The graph above shows Google Trends data on the rise of the terms Botox (blue line) and Lip Fillers (red line) – that is the amount of times someone has searched for those terms in Google over the past 5 years.

Yet, more interestingly…

  • “Botox near me” is the fastest growing search term for Botox related searches – meaning the demand is getting higher (and quickly at that).
  • “Kylie Jenner Lip Fillers” is the fastest growing search term for lip fillers (non-suprisingly).

We wonder if that will change now Kylie Jenner is aiming for a more natural look?

But all in all, this drastic rise shows that people are ready to buy. And Superdrug are clearly wanting to keep ahead of the trends.

Regulating the injectable industry

Recently, we’ve seen a shift in how the industry is regulated, with the JCCP suspending beauticians from signing the register.

Currently, it is not against the law for a beautician (or anyone for that matter) to administer dermal filler treatments on a patient.

It’ll be interesting to see the shift in consumer behaviour now Superdrug are offering it in their London store. But unlike many of the other products they sell, Botox and Dermal Fillers are not an impulse-buy and it would be wrong to influence the public on treatment, if overall it won’t make them happier.

By introducing this new clinic using JCCP registered nurses and only offering treatments to over 25’s, we’re hoping this is just one way Superdrug are combating that.

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