Stacey Solomon Look-Alike’s Non Surgical Nose Job

SkinViva’s non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure was featured in the Daily Mirror in an article headlined: Woman bullied for having ‘Stacey Solomon nose’ says she ‘couldn’t be happier’ after having cosmetic surgery

SkinViva’s client Olivia had low confidence after bullies said her nose looked like Stacey Solomon’s.

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    daily mirror

    Now she says her life is completely different thanks to a 30-minute nose job by SkinViva Clinical Director Dr Tim Pearce.

    The non-surgical procedure avoids the risks and the extended healing time of the surgical one. The £595 treatment used long-lasting dermal fillers to reshape Olivia’s nose, reducing the appearance of the bump and gently reshaping its appearance from the front and in profile.

    Olivia comments on the experience:

    “Ever since I was little, from the beginning of high school onwards, I was painfully aware about the size and shape of my nose.

    “And it’s fair to say that a large bump on the bridge of it has caused me years of emotional distress.

    “If I ever had a falling out with anyone, the insults would come flying, and they were always the same – ‘hook nose!’ or ‘big nose’.

    “Some girls would even shout, ‘Look, it’s Stacey Solomon!’ as I walked past. I felt like I wanted the ground to swallow me up.

    “Even my boyfriend at the time would make nasty remarks about my face, calling me ‘big nose’.

    “Every time I heard those words, they really stung. I’d regularly be in floods of tears while my mum tried to pick up the pieces.

    “I genuinely thought my nose would stop me making friends, because no-one would want to be seen with me, and I also feared that my nose would always stop me from finding a boyfriend who truly loved me for who I was.

    “That’s why I decided enough was enough – I knew I had to do something about it, not for those who taunted me but for myself, to help me feel good about myself for once.

    “And I’m so glad I did it.

    “For the first time since I was a little girl I can wear my hair up with confidence.

    “Meanwhile everyone who sees me comments on how happy I look.

    “Also, I’ve never taken so many photographs of myself. I’ve gone selfie crazy!”

    Olivia goes onto explain her initial reaction.

    “I cried as soon as I looked in the mirror – I was so happy,

    “The results were just instant. It’s a subtle change, one that some people might not notice, but it’s made a massive difference to me.

    “For the first time ever I can walk down the street without feeling self-conscious.”

    See photos and full story in the Daily Mirror Online.

    Before and After Nose Reshaping

    30 minute nose job

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