Spotlight on Juvéderm® VOLUX

Guest blog by Dr Adam Cheong

Juvéderm® VOLUX is the latest addition to the top brand range of dermal fillers. SkinViva Aesthetic Clinician Dr Adam outlines his experiences of the product and what makes it different and unique for the lifting and reshaping purposes intended. 

“We recently introduced Juvéderm® VOLUX into the clinic and I thought it would be nice to share some information and our experience of this fantastic new product.

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    Juvéderm® have created VOLUX as a dermal filler specifically for chin and jawline, and it has been developed with a high lift capacity and a high G prime (it’s firmness and ability to create lift).

    Essentially it is a thicker filler that, when compared to some of the less firm products, will give more result for less product.

    And wow, we have really noticed some great results with this filler.

    before and after jawlineTake for example the jawline. This is an area which becomes saggier and drops as we age, due to loss of bone from the jaw (mandible) and fat from the mid and lower face, forming jowls.

    One way to tackle this is to support the jaw with filler, which will improve the jowl by lifting it and increasing the side profile. It can even give the illusion of slimming the jawline.

    This area “soaks up” filler easily as there is lots of excess skin and space under the skin. This means that compared to something smaller like the lip area, it takes a lot more volume to create change in this area. It would not be uncommon to use 4-6mls of standard dermal filler on the jawline and chin to create the desired results.

    However we have found that we are getting a similar results with just 2-3mls of Juvéderm® VOLUX, so this increased firmness is definitely noticeable. It is rather firm though and requires a good massage before the patient leaves. But results so far have been fantastic and the manufacturers are suggesting it can last upto 2 years!

    And it’s a win for everyone. We, as doctors and aesthetic clinicians, get a better result with less filler. In turn, that means that it is more affordable for our clients, so they may be able to then put a bit more towards a different area of the face meaning a more holistic treatment, as we can then target other areas that need tweaking.

    If you feel this treatment may be for you, why not come in for a free consultation with one of us at the clinic and we can talk about the best options for you. With a great safety profile and full FDA approval, Juvéderm® dermal fillers performed by the doctors at Skinviva may be the perfect treatment to get your looking fresher as christmas approaches!”

    Dr Adam

    AdamDr Adam Cheong


    Dr Adam joined the SkinViva team of Aesthetic Clinicians in 2016. He prides himself on offering safe and attractive treatments for his clients and is a very popular member of the team. Alongside his commitments at SkinViva, he also works as a GP, based in Manchester.


    • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB)
    • Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP)

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