Spider Veins and New Dermal Filler Developments

SkinViva’s Dr Sharan Uppal writes about her experiences of treating spider veins and the latest developments in dermal fillers

Spider Veins:

Sometimes in this job you come across people who are desperate for help – and it’s a wonderful thing to be able to make them feel better about themselves.

For me, it’s what it’s all about here at SkinViva.  The technical term for ‘spider/thread veins’ is ‘telangiectasia’. These are widened small blood vessels near the surface of the skin.  You can get them anywhere  – but the cheeks and nose are where they tend to be more bothersome because the affected areas appear red. They can be a nightmare to live with, particularly when it comes to trying to disguise them with make-up.

I had this really lovely lady come see me this week and we got chatting about how many years she’d been suffering with this problem. She’d been to her GP, asked for a referral to a dermatology expert and she was told repeatedly that they don’t deal with this sort of thing on the NHS. She’d been dealing with this most of her adult life and she was over the moon when we told her that something COULD be done about it. The results aren’t immediately obvious. It’s something that takes up to three or four weeks to materialise, but it was just nice seeing her face light up knowing that we can make this condition better. Her skin will improve and it’s going to give her confidence a huge boost. She also felt a lot better simply knowing that she was doing something about it.

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The Science Bit:

We use a machine called ‘ThermaVein’ which sends out a current of heat, controlled by an electronic foot pedal, to a very, very fine needle – we’re talking less than a hair’s breadth.

We rest this needle on the vein we’re trying to treat, tap the pedal, and it sends a current of heat down that little needle which then seals the vein off. Your body then recognises that this is a sealed vessel. It’s not doing anything any more and the immune system then naturally degrades it. After a few weeks, the vein is gradually eaten away by your own body. And then it simply vanishes. It’s a very clever bit of kit indeed and one I love using!

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You touch a dotted pattern along the path of these thread veins and we do it in fifteen minute bursts. It’s a little bit stingy and after a quarter of an hour you’ve probably had enough.

New Developments:

At the moment, thread vein treatment isn’t particularly common, especially compared to the work we do with Botox and dermal fillers. I get a couple in my diary a month, at most.

But we’d like that to change. Here at SkinViva, we’re keen for people to know just how effective the ThermaVein treatment is.

And all of the doctors here are very keen to keep learning new techniques. We’re always going on courses that teach us how to perform ground-breaking new procedures.


Forehead and temple dermal filler treatments are becoming more popular with those in the know of its benefits.

As we age the temples become more hollow, which is more noticeable in naturally slim individuals. This hollowing can lead to one appearing a little gaunt, but with a few little tweaks here and there you can really make a big difference. You can look well and healthy in a matter of minutes.

Interestingly the forehead can also be re-shaped with dermal filler. Currently, it’s most popular with our Chinese clients, who sometimes report that their foreheads naturally have a backwards slant to them. Strategically placed filler in the forehead changes their side profile.

It’s only a technique I’ve learned recently, but it’s amazing what you can do! It also has implications for western faces giving a rejuvenated appearance to the forehead if it’s become a little flat/depressed.

We don’t often pay as much attention to our foreheads compared to other aspects of our face, like lips and cheeks. However, for me, it’s a really interesting new development that adds the finishing touch.

If you want to get in touch and have a chat about either thread veins or forehead filler, I’ll be more than happy to help.


Dr Sharan x

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