Sometimes we just have to #SayNo

What do you mean by #SayNo we hear you ask?

We mean exactly what it says on the tin –sometimes our SkinViva clinicians actually say no to clients at our clinic, in Manchester.

Want us to tell you why? Take a read below…

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So – what do you mean say no?

We say no to our clients if it’s in their best interest.

Our main message here at SkinViva is that we want you to love yourself and feel confident in your own skin. Yet sometimes people expect other things from their treatment and visit with us.

If our clinicians believe that you are having treatment for the wrong reasons, then they won’t perform that treatment and instead go through other potential routes and options.

The results are not physically the best for you

One reason you may be refused treatment is if your request is not appropriate for your specific facial features. For example, not everyone can have lips like Angelina Jolie and it look right.

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Dr Tim says

‘The equation is always a risk to likely benefit ratio, and bruising, discomfort and other complications without a strong possibility of achieving the desired result is a reason to say no.’’

Our clinicians will look at your unique anatomy and use the scientific rules of beauty to find treatments that they can say YES to.

The treatment isn’t directly for YOU

Another important thing to take into consideration when coming to us for treatment is to make sure you want the treatment for yourself.

It is very common that people do not necessarily want treatment for themselves, but they want it to please others. Treatment should always be for yourself and nobody else.


It is also important to come here with ideas in mind and not just go with what the clinician says.

Dr Tim told us that

‘‘In a consultation I never like to do a treatment just because the patient accepts me as the expert and will do whatever I say.”

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You have the right psychology for treatment

Some people think that having treatment is like waving a magic wand and granting happiness. We believe that having treatment can help make you more confident, and therefore make you happier.

However, we don’t believe that treatment is the key to happiness. That comes from inside yourself.

For example, Dr Tim told us of a lady in her 50s who he had to say no to. She lost her husband a couple weeks before seeing us and she thought treatment would help her ‘feel better’.

Dr Tim didn’t agree that this was the right reason to have treatment in such sad circumstances, as he thought the side effects would make her feel even worse at points.

All in YOUR best interest

So if for whatever reason our clinicians had to say no, it is definitely in your best interest.

Our aim is ‘to make you feel not only good about yourself, but also feel good about coming to see us’.

We only want the best for our clients and we want you to be able to trust us.

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