SkinViva’s Da Vinci Lips Featured in Daily Mail

SkinViva’s exclusive Da Vinci Lips procedure was featured in the Daily Mail in an article headlined: Move over Kylie Jenner: Doctor looks to the MONA LISA for inspiration as he develops £499 cosmetic procedure that promises to end the trend for swollen trout pouts

Since the article appeared on 30th November there has been a surge of interest in the procedure which focuses on creating beautiful fuller lips which are in proportion with rest of client’s face. A million miles away from the swollen trout pout, the Da Vinci Lips procedure is based on the intricate rules of proportion first implemented by acclaimed Renaissance painter Leonardo da Vinci, who created the famous Mona Lisa smile.

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    Dr Tim Pearce, clinical director at SkinViva, explains the procedure:

    ‘Our ‘Da Vinci Lip Enhancement is based on the rules of anatomical proportion.

    ‘Leonardo da Vinci was one of the first people to realise that facial proportions are not arbitrary, that there is a mathematical ideal ratio and geometry for beauty, outside of which it become less attractive.

    ‘The Da Vinci Lip Enhancement treatment uses these ideal proportions to finely tailor each treatment to the existing features.

    ‘This principle, otherwise known as the “golden ratio”, enables us to ensure that patients look more beautiful, rather than just get bigger lips that might not fit their existing facial proportions.’

    Da Vinci was first linked with the golden ratio after illustrating a 1505 book called ‘The Divine Proportion’, which explored how this unique ration of 1:1.618 could be applied to art, architecture, nature and beauty. The golden ratio is where a line divided into two parts results in the longer part divided by the smaller part being also equal to the whole length divided by the longer part.

    Dr Pearce continued:

    ‘Thinning lips is a natural consequence of the ageing process and this can be especially a problem for smokers.

    ‘And yet they were quite nervous about the idea of having lip enhancement fillers, deterred by the media backlash against over-treated celebrities.

    ‘Our way of doing things goes against all of that. We’re about subtle, natural changes instead.’

    Desperate Scousewife Elissa Corrigan had the treatment to improve thin lips. She said:

    ‘After witnessing so many terrible lips, I have always said I would never touch my pout in the pursuit of perfection, because why risk looking like you have been permanently stung by a bee? That was until I heard about this new treatment’

    ‘That was until I heard about this new treatment.

    ‘Everyone notices a decrease in the fullness as they get older and I am no exception.

    ‘Throughout my twenties I’d noticed a slight thinning of my mouth.

    ‘I wanted to make sure I never went too full, too pouty or too over inflated – and Dr Tim only uses the correct amount of filler to keep your pout in proportion to your face.’

    Christmas Lips

    Dr Pearce added:

    ‘We all like a kiss under the mistletoe at this time of year, and with our Da Vinci Treatment you can ensure you’re ready to pucker-up this Christmas.’

    Juvederm Volift

    The filler used is Juvederm VoLift which lasts for around 12 months, at which point the subtle lip treatment can simply be repeated to prolong the benefit.

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