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Jade Darlington, Customer Experience Coordinator, at SkinViva, explains why, as an ethical business, both on a company and individual level, it felt natural for us to go a step further and embrace a popular campaign that is fast gaining momentum, “Meat Free Monday”, founded by Paul McCartney and his two daughters, Mary and Stella.

“Some of us knew about this campaign already, some were inquisitive.

“To better improve our lives, the environment, and to raise awareness of this fantastic campaign, we decided to hold a lunchtime meat free buffet to kick things off!

“As I am an active supporter of the Meat Free Monday campaign, I ran with the idea to bring this to life and spread the word.

skinviva-meat-free-monday-leaflet“We’d like to thank the team at Meat Free Monday for sending us lots of information to educate us and spread the word further!

“Due to the success of everybody here trying (possibly!) their first ever meat free buffet spread, it has inspired the team to get creative with meat free recipes and have a bash at meals on a Monday and make a difference to their health, the environment, animals’ lives, and reduce their carbon footprint. It is empowering to know the difference you can make just by making this slight change to your diet.

“If you would like to know how you can feel empowered and make a change, you can have a nosy on their website: and see how you can make a difference! (And they have some fabulous recipes on there, courtesy of Mary McCartney, yum).”

Meat Free Monday at SkinViva

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