SkinViva Feature in Love It Magazine Transgender Story

SkinViva was featured in Love It magazine in an article headlined: Britain’s First Sex-Swap Car Saleswoman Admits Being a Man was Driving me Crazy

The story about Paul Mitchell’s transformation into a glamorous woman called Alexis explained how having non-surgical treatment helped a car salesman to complete the emotional journey to femininity.

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    …as tears rolled down my cheeks, I said to myself, ‘This is you – this is the beautiful woman with soft cheeks and full lips you’ve always wanted to be’

    The non-surgical facelift included treatment with Botox injections, dermal fillers, nose reshaping, eyebrows, cheeks, lips and chin.

    Dr Tim Pearce, SkinViva’s Clinical Director, carried out the procedure. He explains:

    Alexis wanted to look different, but I still tried to carry out a holistic approach to ensure the finished result looked natural. I made lots of small changes to feminise and rejuvenate her face. I created a small lift to the tip of the nose as female noses tend to have a slight lift. I feminised her eyes by lifting the eyebrow, erasing the crow’s feet and creating a more almond shape.

    I also used filler to create a rounder, fuller, higher cheek and also helped reduce her nose-to-mouth lines. Then some filler in the lips and chin area, which has helped to feminise, balance out the features and improve her side profile. It was a privilege to work with Alexis and a pleasure to be able to hep and be a part of her transition.

    Alexis told Love It:

    It was the next step on my transition to become the person I always knew I really was deep down inside.

    And having a womanly face for the first time ever has given me the confidence I need to start my life all over again.

    The full article appears in Love It magazine 19th September edition.

    It also features in Love It Facebook photos.

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