SkinViva Direct Debit Scheme Changes

What’s happened to my direct debit? What’s changed about the Direct Debit payment scheme?

We’re no longer offering Direct Debit payment plans for a year’s worth of treatments.

Instead, on each visit, you can pay-in-full or spread the cost of today’s treatment over 3 or 6 months.

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    You will always pay a deposit payment as listed on our website at the time of your appointment, followed by your Direct Debit payments over 3 (botox)or 6 months(filler)

    How do the changes affect me?

    1. Our direct debit plans are now over 3 months for Botox and 6 months for Dermal Filler.
    2. The amount you pay each month might have changed – some monthly amounts have gone up & some down.
    3. We now ask for a deposit amount which is a 1/3 upfront for Botox and 1/2 upfront for Dermal Filler.
    4. You can now have whatever treatment you want, whenever you want, because there’s no fixed plan anymore. (Subject to a credit check & abiding by our DD rules for repeat appointments).
    5. You’ll only be paying for treatment you’ve already had & not future treatments.

    Why have my Direct Debit payments gone up/down?

    There are 4 reasons why your monthly amount might have changed – they may not all apply to you.

    1. You’re only paying now for the treatment you’ve already had and not what you might have in the future.
    2. Direct debits are now spread over 3 or 6 months (and not 11 or 12 like previously).
    3. Everyone now must to pay an upfront deposit at the time of their appointment (we now ask for 1/3 or 1/2 depending on which treatment you have). The balance is then paid by DD over the following months
    4. Our direct debit prices are now the same as our pay-in-full prices.

    Have the prices changed?

    No but we no longer offer direct debit discount

    To make things simpler, the price when paying by direct debit is now the same as when paying-in-full.

    This means some customers may see a small decrease or increase in what they pay for their treatment.

    Our direct debit scheme is still interest-free.

    What are your Direct Debit terms and Conditions?

    You can pay by direct debit every time you have treatment if you’d like to, however your previous DD debit will need to be finished for you to be able to instruct us to set up a new one.

    EG. If you have Botox every 4 months:

    • You will attend your appointment Month 1 & make your deposit payment.
    • Month 2,3,4 you will pay your DD.
    • Month 5, you can return and set up a new DD debit for Botox and follow the same process. (Please note, if you would like to return in Month 4 – after you have paid your final DD for the previous treatment – that is of course totally fine).

    You can of course attend an earlier appointment if you are happy to pay for this appointment in full.

    Example :

    New DD Plan – With Deposit Upfront
    Price per treatment 3 areas £299
    Treatments in plan 1
    Total price £299
    Deposit £99.67
    No. monthly payments 3
    Monthly £ £66.78

    Might I end up having several DD payments for different treatments?

    Yes, this is exactly what we will do if you have different treatments at different times, we will set up a new DD for that treatment after the deposit payment has been made.

    This makes it very easy for you and us to track what you have paid for and to identify if it is possible for you to have a new DD set up.

    What if I have my Filler and Botox treatments together?

    We appreciate that many clients have Filler and Botox treatments together.  We will set up a payment plan for each one and a deposit will need to be paid for each separate treatment.

    Two DD’s will then be set up.  This is because the Botox DD will be across 3 months and the filler treatment will be across 6 months.


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