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Professional exfoliation for beautifully smooth skin

Remove hair and dead skin cells to reveal a fresh and radiant complexion.

Also boosts skin cell renewal!

Why choose dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation technique and a very popular treatment which is a safe and simple procedure.  It is used to generate new skin cells and create a bright radiant complexion.

During this treatment we remove 3-4 weeks’ worth of dead skin cells and vellus hair, leaving the skin glowing and radiant. It also helps with flawless make up application and better penetration of products. All dermaplaning procedures include enzymatic peeling to enhance the results.

Results are visible immediately & Dermaplaning delivers fantastic results as a standalone treatment.

However, because of the removal of dead skin and hair, the skin will completely absorb any skincare you apply to it, therefore making a great priming treatment for procedures such as Chemical Peels.

We recommend 1 treatment per month for continuing benefits.

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    Benefits of Dermaplaning

    What to expect

    Dermaplaning Treatments

    At SkinViva Manchester

    Simply Dermaplaning

    • Delightful Double cleanse with medical grade products
    • Prepare the skin with skin antiseptic
    • Dermaplaning with a sterile blade
    • Light hydrator
    • Medical grade SPF

    Total treatment time is approximately 30 minutes. Results last around 1 month.

    Luxury Dermaplaning Facial

    Includes ALL the elements of the Simply Dermaplaning option, PLUS

    • Enzymatic Peeling Gel to further enhance the results
    • Medical grade hydrating mask specific to skin type
    • LED light therapy

    Total treatment time is approximately 50 minutes. Results last around 1 month.

    Dermaplane Facial With Mesotherapy

    Includes ALL the elements of the Simply Dermaplaning option, PLUS

    • Mesotherapy treatment
    • Hydrating medical grade mask
    • LED light therapy

    Total treatment time is approximately 60 minutes. Results last around 1 month.

    What does dermaplaning cost?

    SkinViva Prices

    Treatment Price Monthly From* Deposit
    Simply Dermaplaning £60 N/A N/A
    Luxury Dermaplaning Facial £80 N/A N/A
    Luxury Dermaplaning Facial 6 Sessions £395 £115 £50
    Dermaplane Facial With Mesotherapy £100 N/A N/A

    Dermaplaning Video

    Watch a demo of dermaplaning treatment from our training course

    Got a Question?

    What happens during treatment?
    Treatment will begin with your practitioner thoroughly cleansing your skin. Next, they will gently stretch an area of the skin between their fingers to ensure the treated area is pulled taut. Holding a sterile gauge blade at a 45-degree angle they will use short swift strokes which will scrape away dead skin cells and remove vellus hair more commonly known as ‘peach fuzz’.
    Is it painful?
    No, Dermaplaning is not painful. The process is very gentle and relaxing.
    Will the ‘Peach Fuzz’ grow back quicker than before?
    No, a lot of clients we meet are concerned that the hair on their face will grow back quicker or be more noticeable than before, this is simply not the case! Superficial Vellus Hair (Peach Fuzz) will grow back at the same rate and with the same texture as it was before treatment.
    Who is the treatment suitable for?
    Dermaplanning is suitable for most skin types except skin with acne and high oil production. This treatment is usually suitable for pregnant or nursing women as the procedure is able to exfoliate without the use of harsh chemicals The type of clients having this done are typically looking for skin rejuvenation, looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars or having more advanced treatments carried out after it such as skin peels or microneedling.
    How long does it take?
    The procedure usually lasts around 30 minutes for the total treatment
    Are there any side effects?
    Side Effects include: • Sensitivity • Redness
    Is there an after-care procedure?
    Post treatment skin will be sensitive it therefore imperative to wear a medical grade broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 50 or higher, this will significantly reduce the risk of hyper-pigmentation.

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