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Consultation + Deep Cleansing Facial

at SkinViva Manchester

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In general, it’s best to have a full consultation before having any treatment done.  At SkinViva we will talk to you about your current skin care routine, discuss treatments you may have tried in the past and the results you noticed from these before we build your perfect skin care treatment plan.

We are a medically driven, results led clinic and you can be sure that the treatment you’re being offered is healthy for your skin and your best option at that time. For instance, not all treatments are positive for all skin types and not all facials will be beneficial for your needs and some may contain products such as salicylic acid, which could cause an allergic reaction. So, we will always ask the right questions to build a full medical and skin history before we suggest a treatment.

Consultations and Medical History

It is very important to let your Skin Care Therapist know if you have any health conditions or are allergic to anything. And don’t forget to mention medications you take regularly. If you’re on a blood thinner or a medication that makes you sensitive to light, you may find some treatments may not be suitable.

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    Keep treatments simple

    Consultation + Deep Cleansing Facial

    Our skin care consultations include a Deep Cleansing Facial so that our Skin Care Therapist can fully analyse your skin type and any concerns that are worrying you. After the analysis and treatments, our Skin Care Therapist will give you personalised recommendation on how to improve your skin at home, what to avoid and what types of products are needed to integrate into your daily routine for a flawless appearance.

    Our Consultation + Deep Cleanse

    • Total treatment time is approximately 60 minutes.
    • Price £70
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    Skin Care Consultation Prices

    SkinViva Manchester

    Treatment Price Monthly From* Deposit
    Consultation + Deep Cleanse £70 N/A N/A

    For more complicated skin conditions, we would recommend a visit to a dermatologist. More involved, complex skin conditions will always be referred to a dermatologist first to ensure you have the best long-term results, as occasionally you will need prescription medication to address certain issues, before you can move onto cosmetic maintenance and improving treatments.

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