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    Now more than ever people are focusing on skin, and this has established a need for a superior level of skin clinic. 

    SkinViva has been a leading light in the aesthetics world since 2008. We are a trusted expert in the world of injectables and we have advised thousands of clients with our special, natural, and clinical approach to a healthy and rejuvenated face. Our treatments have always been based on proven techniques; our results have kept at the top of our clients list for years.

    Find out how our skin care treatment combats the signs of aging, close pores, treat skin texture and fine lines, leaving your skin firmer and more radiant.

    Skin is incredibly complex with each person needing a very bespoke approach. Our Skin Care Therapists  will assess your skin type and concerns then provide you with treatment options to achieve your skin goals! There are different treatments options given to treat fines lines, wrinkles, saggy skin, scars, acne, dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, and many more options.

    Skin care can go hand in hand with injectable treatments. It is wonderful to enhance the structure of your face, but unless the ‘canvas’ glows, then you may not see the full benefits.

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    Why should I take proper care of my skin?

    Taking proper care of your skin is important because it acts as the largest barrier against all kinds of infection. To keep this barrier strong, you need to take care of your skin on a day-to-day basis. Paying attention to how it looks, feels and developing a consistent skin care routine can keep your skin healthy. Healthy skin will not only protect you against any kind of infection but will also leave you feeling rejuvenated and healthy.

    Getting a quick facial while you’re out shopping may seem like an innocent splurge, but do you take the time to check if a facial or treatment is exactly what your skin needs? Mistakes made by inexperienced or poorly trained skin care practitioners can damage, even scar, your skin.

    That’s why it’s important to know that your Skin Care Therapist or Aesthetic Clinician is fully trained on the treatments being provided and they can work with you to get your problem solved.

    Choosing a skin care treatment provider



    What a New Patient Should Ask a Practitioner Before Having Any Non-Surgical Procedure

    1. What is the treatment philosophy of the practitioner?
    2. What are the qualifications of the practitioner and how do they demonstrate their expertise?
    3. How long has the practitioner been carrying out these procedures?
    4. Does the practice offer a comprehensive range of treatments to provide the most suitable and effective treatment for me?
    5. What results can I expect to achieve?
    6. How much information is provided to help you make the right choice?
    7. How much attention to detail is there to ensure you achieve the best results?
    8. Consider – how detailed is the assessment of your face and facial dynamics; is a photographic record kept?
    9. Which products will be used, and which brands specifically?
    10. What is the treatment environment like?
    11. How well does the practitioner listen to you?
    12. Are possible side-effects and complications clearly explained?
    13. Is there evidence of patients being happy?
    14. Is it clear what you will need to pay to achieve the desired result? Are there any hidden extras?
    15. What is the aftercare and support policy like?

    SkinViva works hard to ensure we can answer all the above questions carefully and thoughtfully at your consultation.

    The Consultation Process

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    Considering Treatment?

    Download our free guide telling you everything you need to know.

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