Shirley Ballas NeoGen Non-Surgical Facelift Results


NeoGen Celebrity Shirley Ballas

Dame Shirley Ballas, 62, started her NeoGen journey in February 2022. She began visiting Dr Judy Todd for a series of non-invasive NeoGen Plasma treatments, to rejuvenate her face and neck.

Since then, the former World Champion dancer has wanted to keep up with her NeoGen Plasma treatments every six weeks because she “doesn’t want her skin to fade, and wants it to keep glowing”.

Why Shirley had a non-surgical facelift

Back in January 2023, Shirley revealed she’d had a non-surgical face lift. She said:

“Contrary to what people think, I’m not the most confident person in the world.

“I was actually getting quite down on myself because my face just didn’t sparkle.

“I had a lot of pigmentation, little veins, my skin was dull, and my chin was sagging.”

NeoGen Before and After Results Over Time

Credit: Dr Judy Todd

The results speak for themselves!

Shirley comments

“I absolutely love the results, my jawline feels that much sharper, I feel like the skin is not sagging, the skin feels rejuvenated, it feels bright, clean. I’m thrilled to bits with the results.”

“After the NeoGen treatment I just felt like a diamond, and it’s really helped me.”

Watch as Shirley discusses her skin concerns and how the NeoGen Plasma treatment has helped her look and feel absolutely fabulous:

Dr Judy Todd & Shirley Ballas – NeoGen Plasma Technology – YouTube

Shirley Ballas NeoGen Journey – Part 2 (


What is Nitrogen Plasma Technology?

NeoGen is a non-invasive and NO NEEDLE treatment which simultaneously treats multiple aspects of the health and appearance of the skin using unique Nitrogen Plasma technology.

Using medical grade nitrogen gas to create pulses of Nitrogen Plasma, NeoGen creates a controlled thermal energy that can be precisely delivered to the skin. This energy stimulates a cascade of positive effects, targeting multiple concerns simultaneously, such as wrinkles and lines, the eye area and skin tightening.

Here at SkinViva, we are one of the first clinics in Central Manchester to offer this new treatment.

“I feel by far, the best I’ve ever felt.”

NeoGen skin treatment stages

Credit: NeoGen website

What does it treat?

NeoGen is suitable for all skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale and treats multiple skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation, AND fine lines & wrinkles

NepGen treatment areas

→ NeoGen Treatment

SkinViva Manchester

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SkinViva now also offer a range of SkinCare treatments with our SkinCare Specialist, including advanced facials, chemical peels, microneedling, mesotherapy, dermaplaning and radiofrequency – everything you could wish for to achieve the healthy, glowing skin you’ll be proud of.

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