In Search of the Perfect Brow Lift, by Elissa Corrigan

Celebrity Blog: Elissa Corrigan, Desperate Scousewife

We’ve all done it.

Flicked through glossy pages of some vacuous celebrity magazine, seen a Hollywood starlet with a wry smile, frownless expression and slightly lifted eyebrows which gives her that element of naughtiness… and fancifully thought, if only my brows could look like that.

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    Well, I know I have and I can’t be the only one. Because these days, those seemingly inconsequential hairlines are BIG business. Overlook them at your peril, because good eyebrows maketh the face.

    For years I’ve been doing this same ritual; leafing through mags secretly coveting that perfectly raised brow à la Kim Kardashian and would dismiss her glorious curved eye hair as nothing but great photo shopping. (Either that or she really has won the genetic lottery!)

    I had been trying everything for years. Drawing them slightly higher – which made me look more drag queen than Delevingne – plucking, waxing, threading, tinting, HD’ing…you name it, nothing was giving me that subtly higher slant on my shapely slugs.

    Then a friend of mine told me about a small non-invasive procedure, one which would give my face a ‘freshen up’ and result in my much desired dynamic brows… A non-surgical eyebrow lift created with the use of Botox, from SkinViva.

    At first I was sceptical because I have been using Botox for nearly three years and every time I went to my practitioner, I was always promised a slight lift in the eye area, but disappointingly never achieved it.

    However, my pal told me not to lose faith.

    She insisted I try her miracle worker – Dr. Tim Pearce – who is so versed in the art of arching, he’s gaining quite the reputation as the go-to-guy for every celeb and wag in the city wanting the ‘Hollywood brow lift.’

    After researching the clinic and seeing many favourable reviews, I decided to try pastures new, figuring…new clinic, new results, maybe? Well, what harm could it do? I had tried everything else.

    I’m lucky in the fact I have a decent mane of hair above my peepers and during my first consultation with Dr. Tim – I told him, along with banishing my wrinkles, I wanted a little lift in the eyebrow area. ‘No problem’ he said, like it was going to be as easy pie.

    I’ll admit, that even as the needles were puncturing my forehead, I still wasn’t a believer. I was still dubious he could deliver the eyebrows of my dreams. But after Dr. Tim explained every single bit of minutiae – along with diagrams- about where he was injecting and how it would affect my face to give it the ‘lift’, I instantly thought…this guy really knows his stuff!

    Fast-forward two weeks and – as you can see from the photographic evidence- I finally got what I wanted, a lovely line free forehead and beautifully arched brows. Hallelujah!

    After seeing the results, it was like The Monkees had jumped inside my head and starting singing… “Then I saw her face…now I’m a believer!” I was ecstatic with the outcome and can’t recommend SkinViva highly enough, not only for the amazing results, but for their expertise, friendliness and professionalism. I won’t go anywhere else.

    So if you, like me, having been searching for that elusive eyebrow lift all your life, embrace the change of a new Botox doc and make an appointment with Dr.Tim because if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. 

    elissa corrigan botox brow lift

    Elissa Corrigan had a botox non-surgical brow lift with Dr Tim Pearce at SkinViva Manchester.

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