Rugby Player’s 30 Minute Nose Job for Broken Nose

SkinViva has revealed the latest stunning results of their exclusive 30 minute nose job

The dramatic transformation of nose was carried out on a retired professional rugby player, who had, like many rugby players, broken his nose during his career.

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    Before and After Nose Reshaping

    rugby player nose job

    Dr Tim Pearce used the latest generation of long-lasting dermal filler injections to build the nose shape with fine adjustments to produce a natural-looking nose with no lingering evidence of it having been broken.

    • Smoothed out the dip for a smoother, straighter nose
    • Addressed asymmetry (lop-sidedness)
    • Considered the profile as well as front view
    • Used facial anatomy principles to create a result which is balanced within the face shape

    Using dermal fillers to reshape the nose is a temporary, non-invasive solution which can be adjusted in fine detail to get the right look, building out dips and depressions for a more aesthetically pleasing look. It is actually a very flexible solution which can be repeated when the fillers war off and adjusted over time as the patient’s face changes with the ageing process.

    Dr Tim Pearce commented:

    “Not just for the ladies, retired professional Rugby player Ady Moore had his broken nose repaired in the clinic today, and it’s even improved his breathing. Great result for a great guy!”

    The non-surgical nose job is a procedure which SkinViva’s aesthetic medical professionals have become renowned for and previous patients have even featured in national press and online coverage.

    Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Price

    The procedure saves thousands of pounds compared to surgery – the treatment costs £595.

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