Robbie Williams’ Had BOTOX and Fillers

Robbie Williams has openly admitted to having non-surgical treatments to make his skin look younger, with BOTOX to tackle wrinkles and dermal fillers to add volume.

He has told the media that he started having anti-ageing injectable treatments after online comments about how old his skin was looking.

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    At the age of 42, it is normal to have noticeable signs of ageing. However, lifestyle factors can accentuate lines and wrinkles. Robbie has smoked, eaten badly, partied hard and lost weight over the years; as a result of which the skin can age prematurely.

    Now Robbie’s loving his new younger look. He told the media (

    “I’ve had Botox and some fillers and something done to my chin. And I really like it.

    “With the last few albums I put out I looked on social media people were saying, ‘f*** he’s aged.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I have.’

    “I was tired, I had mental illness and stress and whatever was going on up there was coming out in my face.

    “The truth of my mind was written on my face.”

    Non-Surgical Treatments for Men

    Robbie’s decision to have cosmetic treatments is not unusual. There is a growing trend for ‘Brotox’ as more and more male patients opt for anti-ageing injections to look younger. Robbie has chosen some of the most popular male treatments:

    Treatments for Men

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