What are the risks and side effects of Dermal Filler?

Want to know more about the potential risks and complications of having Dermal Filler? We will fill you in.

For some, having a treatment done is as simple as getting their nails done. However, for others it is a much bigger decision.

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    Whether you have or haven’t had treatment before, it is SO important that you know all the potential risks and side effects that come with having dermal filler. This is so you can make the best decision for you so you’re fully happy and comfortable.

    If you’re a medical professional looking for more information, head over to our SkinViva Training website here.

    What’s the pain like?

    It can be slightly uncomfortable having dermal filler, however the pain is only minimal. It will feel different to anti-wrinkle injections as it is a thicker needle.

    You can also have numbing cream in order to help you feel even more comfortable as possible.

    What about bruising?

    Wherever a needle is used there is likely to be bruising. This is most common around the lip area as there are lots of little blood vessels there.

    Bruising can take a few days to settle, but you can apply Arnica cream to help it go down.

    Can I wear make-up?

    You can wear make-up to the appointment if that is what makes you most comfortable. However, we will need to remove the make-up prior to treatment as this will minimise the risk of infection.


    Will I swell up?

    The area where you are most likely to experience swelling is the lips. This also depends on the filler as the standard filler attracts more water to the area, which would cause more swelling.

    The important thing is to not be alarmed and know that it will be worse during the first few days.

    To help minimise the swelling you can put a cool pack on the area. Wrap the compress and hold gently on the area. It is important not to press as this can disturb the beautiful shape of your new lips.

    What is Necrosis?

    The most serious reaction you can have is called Necrosis. This is when filler can get stuck in a blood vessel and blocks blood from travelling through. If left uncorrected then this can cause the patch of skin to die and fall off.

    Dr Felicity says:

    ‘I’m not telling you this because I’m trying to put you off having treatment or frighten you. I’m telling you because it’s important you know what to do if that happens’

    You don’t need to worry about this happening at SkinViva as our extremely experienced clinicians can reverse it immediately within our clinic. However, it is important to let us know if you notice the skin changing colour or is painful between 12-24 hours after treatment.

    ‘That’s the most serious, but it is rare. 1 in 20,000. And to minimise risk even further we aspirate, so before I push filler into you, I pull back to check I’m not seeing any blood in my syringe’.

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    At SkinViva we will chase you up with a text from the Customer Service team to double check everything is alright. We also encourage you to contact us if you have any further questions!

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