Risks and side effects of Botox on forehead

Experienced Medical Director Dr Tim Pearce has given his expert views on one of the most commonly asked questions by clients at his Manchester based aesthetic clinic… What are the risks and side effects of forehead Botox?

According to head clinician Dr Tim, clients who visit the SkinViva Clinic are often concerned about potential risks and side effects from their Botox treatments.

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    However, clients needn’t worry because Botulinum Toxin is actually one of the safest and most researched drugs in use today, second only to Viagra! As long as you stick to your aftercare instructions and make sure that the person treating you is a qualified, trained medical professional, the risk of suffering any major side effects from a Botox treatment is incredibly small.

    But if you’re still curious… here they are!

    In his latest video, Dr Tim (who has been treating clients for over ten years) explains that treating the forehead with Botox carries slightly different risks than other areas of the face because of its relation to your eyebrows.

    BOTOX Side Effect: Heavier Brow

    The most common side effect of having Botox treatment is causing a slight heaviness to your brow. This is medically known as a brow drop and happens to around 1 in every 100 clients. This side effect is dependent on a number of factors such as injection pattern and muscular structure.

    Brow drops, while more common than other side effects, are actually fairly harmless (if a little annoying) because they will gradually wear off along with the treatment and cause no lasting damage.

    Other, more rare side effects include:

    • Droopy eyelids,
    • Double vision,
    • Dry eyes

    Dr Tim stresses that these side effects are incredibly rare and can be avoided completely by injecting safely and avoiding important structures.

    Video: BOTOX Risks & Side Effects

    Want to know more? Check out Dr Tim’s video on the risks and side effects of forehead Botox…

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