The Risks of Cheap Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Choosing a Make-Up Artist Safely!

semi permanent eyebrowsSemi-permanent make up is really popular, as more and more clients discover the convenience of having all-day colour to enhance their natural beauty. It’s a real boost to confidence.

As with everything in life, it can be very tempting to shop around, looking for the cheapest provider to save a few pounds. We occasionally see great offers on ‘deal’ sites, but are they safe?

Before choosing your semi-permanent cosmetician, there are a few things to consider and be aware of. A cheaper price isn’t necessarily a bargain, it could well indicate quality issues and even potentially safety concerns.

  1. Lack of experience or low quality training – those that have invested in the right training courses and build up experience command higher prices than those just starting out or without formal qualifications
  2. Poor artistry leading to wrong shapes for your face – think about what result you want as it is going to last! Semi permanent make-up is an art and those with the greatest skill don’t need to offer promotions and discounts
  3. Use of cheaper pigments – it is possible for artistes to buy cheap pigment products (e.g. import from China). However, these are likely to result in fading and unpredictable colour outcomes, leading to an unsatisfactory result
  4. Risk of scarring – unproficient make-up artists, or those in a hurry to get as many clients seen as possible, can make mistakes that could last a lifetime. If a needle goes too deep and damages the skin, it could cause scarring
  5. Use of cheaper machines – cheap, copycat machines (usually imported from China or purchased second hand) can again affect the quality of result

Semi-permanent make-up is designed to last for the long term, so it makes sense to invest in an experienced provider you can trust, who uses the right materials and has the artistic flair to get the result you want. Before starting any treatment, it is vital to discuss in fine detail what sort of style you want. Eyebrows, for example, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. For the most flattering look, you need to complement your face shape, colouring, hair style and even your lifestyle.

Semi-Permanent Make-Up Manchester

North West skin treatments company SkinViva is now offering a comprehensive range of cosmetic tattooing options in association with renowned celebrity makeup artist Claire Hobson at the new Manchester skin clinic.

Claire is known nationally for her work with semi-permanent eyeliner, lips and eyebrows and has treated a number of celebs as well as featuring in national press such as The Daily Mail.

Please contact us to book your consultation with Claire: call 0161 865 1141, email