Botox treatmentIt may be a celebrity favourite for banishing those pesky lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles, but Botox has other hidden benefits up its sleeve. Here, we reveal the biggest and best secrets the industry doesn’t want you to know (but we love!).

According to the US Association for Psychological Science, Botox makes people feel better because it actually stops them frowning. No, seriously. The theory is that if users can’t frown then their brain assumes there’s nothing to worry about; so doesn’t. A study on 25 volunteers – who all had various beauty treatments – established that those who had Botox were actually less irritable, anxious and depressed than their peers who didn’t.

Last summer, UK drug regulators gave Botox the thumbs up as a preventive treatment for chronic migraines – which is good news for the 700,000 people in England, Wales and Scotland who suffer from them. According to health experts, it can cut the number of migraines experienced by 50 per cent. As if that wasn’t enough, the famous wrinkle-relaxer also rids patients of severe headaches when injected into frowning muscle the glabella. The secret benefit was only discovered when Botox users found that their headaches and migraines had miraculously eased. Less frowning = less headaches. Result!

Several years ago, a happy accident proved that Botox beats anti-perspirants and prescription tablets for controlling excessive sweating. How? It blocks the neurotransmitter that stimulates the sweat glands, which dramatically reduces their water production. The treatment, which was approved in the USA in 2004, can last for up to eight months and – at a SkinViva cost of £350 – is a bargain. No sweat!

Gummy smile 
If a person shows too much gum tissue when they grin, they’re known as having a ‘gummy smile’. Usually caused by a hyperactive muscle near the upper lip, a small dose of Botox can considerably reduce its pulling power – giving you a much more natural, even-looking smile in seconds. At SkinViva, a simple, effective treatment that would last up to 4 months costs just £199. Now that’s a reason to smile…

Prevent future wrinkles forming 
Stop time in no time! Because Botox prevents wrinkle-causing muscles from moving too much, future ones are held at bay when it’s used consistently over time. Therefore, the more you have Botox treatments, the longer they last because it’s addressing the underlying causes of your wrinkle: not just the result of it at skin level. Simple as that.

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