Real Patient Non-Surgical Story Featured in Daily Mail

Non-Surgical Facelift for Thin Features

As part of their ‘Real Stories‘ campaign, SkinViva was featured in the Daily Mail 13th July.

The story featured a Mum whose thin features led to her being nicknamed ‘Bony Maloney’.

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    While many aspire to looking slimmer, a very thin face can be ageing and 43-year old Lynn Maloney suffered years of bullying about her thin face, starting at school.

    Dr Tim Pearce, SkinViva’s Clinical Director, treated Lynn with a non-surgical facelift. Using a mixture of botox injections and dermal fillers, her face was sculpted and rejuvenated to look fresher, brighter and younger:

    • wrinkle lines in the forehead were removed
    • a bump in the nose was straightened using long-lasting dermal fillers
    • the bags under her eyes were smoothed out
    • temple hollows were revolumised
    • chin and jawline were straightened and softened
    • lips were subtly volumised

    This may sound like intensive work, but surprisingly little injectable product is used. The key is in technique, adopting SkinViva’s characteristic ‘less is more’ approach to deliver a result which is aesthetically natural-looking.

    Lynn said:

    ‘I’ve always been really thin and I’ve always been self-conscious because of my looks.

    ‘I was really paranoid about my face – I hated it. At school, because my surname back then was Maloney, the kids would point and laugh, shouting “Bony Maloney!”

    ‘It was so cruel and it really knocked my self-esteem. I can look back on it and laugh now but growing up it was pretty horrible.

    ‘But since having treatment, I look completely different. I’m so happy! I’ve never had this much confidence. I recently met up with some friends, who knew me from school, and they just couldn’t believe the transformation.

    ‘They saw I was having something done, because I’d been talking about the treatment on Facebook. But as soon as they saw me they were like, “Oh my God, what happened to Bony Maloney? You look so well! Look at your full face!”

    ‘It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.’

    ‘I’ve never had a full figure. This will sound crazy to most women, but I always used to say as a teenager, “I wish I had a fat face”.

    ‘My friends would moan, “I’d love to be thin”, whereas I’d be saying, “I’d love to be fat” I just wanted nice chubby cheeks, not ones that looked sunken and tired.’

    Lynn says that her thin facial features often lead to people making assumptions about her eating habits.

    She continued: ‘I always looked gaunt and deathly. And I used to hate people taking photos of me. The girls would be trying to make themselves slimmer, where I’d be telling them, “Can’t you make me look a bit bigger with that camera?”

    ‘And the worst thing was that people presumed I never ate because I looked really thin. Some even thought I was anorexic.

    ‘I went to the doctors on countless occasions, fearing I was anaemic or a diabetic, but they couldn’t find anything wrong with me despite running God knows how many blood tests.

    ‘It turns out I’ve just got a really high metabolism because I’m always so active, which means I quickly burn-off any calories I eat.’

    Lynn says that following her procedure she is enjoying a new lease of life with husband Christopher Read, 47.

    ‘Chris has been really supportive. I’m not sure he thought it was a good idea before I had it done, but as soon as he picked me up in the car outside the clinic, he said, “Oh my God, you look so different”. He had a huge smile on his face.

    ‘And it’s definitely improved our love life. When we go out, you can see other men looking at me!

    ‘I’m buzzing with confidence, and he’s just happy that I’m so happy.’

    Clinical Director, Dr Tim Pearce, said:

    ‘Lynn was lovely to work with and when I read about her history and relationship with her looks I was thrilled to be in a position to help.

    ‘Her old nickname “Bony Maloney” was what made her treatment plan click into place. This is a lady who was born thin and had natural age-related fat loss in every sector of her face so it took a lot of planning and consideration to do a large re-volumisation without making her look unnatural.

    ‘We were able to re-sculpt her face without it looking “done” and I think it would be a big surprise to anyone who didn’t know her before that she had had a significant makeover because she just looks healthy and happy rather than fake.’

    See photos and full story in the Daily Mail Online

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