Real Life Airbrushing

A perfect, subtle treatment for 30 somethings by  Dr Tim Pearce, MBChB BSc (hons) MRCGP 

‘I look tired all the time’ is one of the most common presenting problems for late 20s early 30s who have very few or no lines or wrinkles.

Occasionally they may attend asking for a botox treatment, perhaps because that is the skin treatment they have heard of, or because a friend had a great result after treatment.   When our doctors carefully analyse the face, clients are often surprised that botox is not the answer.

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    In this natural looking result (taken immediately after the procedure)  the best treatment was a small amounts of revolumisation in the mid-face using long lasting dermal filler – Juvederm Voluma and Juvederm Volbella.  Replacing small amounts of fat loss that occur as the earliest signs of ageing (often early 30s) you can see softening of the under eye shadow, subtly rounder, fuller cheeks, and softening of nose-to-mouth shadow.

    I like to call this treatment ‘real life airbrushing‘ as the client still looks 100% natural, but more youthful, in a way that even her best friend could only spot a sense of freshness rather than ‘something different.’

    This filler is very soft and natural in the skin and is the longest lasting hyaluronic acid filler, so she may not need further treatment for 1-2 years.

    Before & After Real Life Airbrushing

    before and after real life airbrushing

    Real Life Airbrushing Treatment at SkinViva

    SkinViva in Manchester is the home of Dr Tim Pearce’s real life airbrushing treatment.

    Their team of doctors & dentists are highly trained in advanced non-surgical cosmetic injection techniques, making SkinViva an excellent choice for any patient seeking subtle facial rejuvenation treatment in the North West.

    Alongside their own flagship Manchester Clinic, SkinViva also offer over 80 locations in Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Manchester, Stockport and Bury.

    For further information or to arrange a confidential consultation, please call 0161 865 1141, email

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