Treatment Prices

Treatment Prices

Spread the Cost with Interest Free Direct Debit

Our popular direct debit option makes paying for your treatment even easier. 

Monthly payments and deposits will be based on a set number of treatments in contract and a specific number of payments. This varies by treatment and will be fully explained at your consultation. Alternatively, please feel free to call if you’d like to discuss our direct debit scheme. See also: Direct Debit Terms.

Anti-Ageing Injections Prices

Anti-ageing injection treatments
1 Area£180£40.20£59.40
2 Areas£259£57.84£85.47
3 Areas£299£66.78£98.67
Eyebrow Arch Lift£259£57.84£85.47
Jowls & Jawline Lift£299£66.78£98.67
Gummy Smile Correction£180£40.20£59.40
Downturned Mouth Improvement£180£40.20£59.40
Masseter Jaw Muscle Relaxation£299£66.78£98.67
Neck (Vertical Bands)£259£57.84£85.47

1 – £20 supplement when frown lines treated without forehead

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Lip Filler Prices

Marketing-leading Juvederm range
Lip Enhancement (1ml)£259£21.58£129.50
Lip Enhancement (0.55ml)£175£14.58£87.50
Premium ‘Da Vinci’ Lip Enhancement (1ml)£399£33.25£199.50
Premium ‘Da Vinci’ Lip Enhancement (0.55ml)£249£20.75£124.50
Upper Lip Lines (1ml)£199£16.58£99.50

*Amount of correction required, lifestyle, skin types, and area of the face will all vary the longevity of treatment results. Prices listed are for price of 1st syringe – if more syringes are required, these will be charged at the ‘Additional Syringes’ price.

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Dermal Filler Prices

Marketing-Leading Juvederm Range
Prices per 1ml syringe
Lines & Wrinkles£259£21.58£129.50
Cheek Enhancement£395£32.92£197.50
Chin Reshaping£395£32.92£197.50
Temple Hollows Volumising£395£32.92£197.50
Jawline Tightening£395£32.92£197.50
Shaping & Volumising£395£32.92£197.50
Under Eye Hollows£595£49.58£297.50
Nose Reshaping£595£49.58£297.50

*Amount of correction required, lifestyle, skin types, and area of the face will all vary the longevity of treatment results. Prices listed are for price of 1st syringe – if more syringes are required, these will be charged at the ‘Additional Syringes’ price.

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VivaLift Non-Surgical Face Lift Prices

VivaLift Treatment Prices
Non-surgical facelift (exclusive to SkinViva)POA*POA*POA*

*Vivalift is tailored to your needs and budget. Price will be quoted in the appointment after consultation with your Aesthetic Clinician.

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Aqualyx Fat-Dissolving Prices

Fat-Dissolving Injections – Double Chin Treatment
1 session£395£87.78£131.67
3 sessions£995£221.11£331.67

Please note that the amount of correction required, lifestyle, and skin type will affect the number of treatment sessions required.

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Profhilo Prices

Deep Moisturising, Skin Tightening Treatment
1 session£400£88.89£133.33
3 sessions£995£221.11£331.67

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Other Treatment Prices

Other Facial Treatments
Dermaroller Skin Needling – 1 Treatment£250£55.56£83.33
Dermaroller Skin Needling – Course of 3 Treatments£650£144.44£216.67
Dermaroller Skin Needling – Course of 5 Treatments£995£221.11£331.67
Eyelash Enhancement – 3 month supply£195£43.33£65.00

Deposit Information

A refundable deposit applies for consultation and treatment appointments. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.
Terms & Conditions

Gift Vouchers

A gift voucher is the perfect choice for anybody that loves cosmetic treatments or deserves a bit of pampering.

Standard Gift Vouchers

Our standard gift vouchers come in any multiples as follows:

  • £25
  • £50
  • £100

Just let us know how much you would like to spend and we’ll do the rest.

These gift vouchers can be used on any of SkinViva’s skin treatments, including anti-ageing injections, dermal filler, lip fillers or eyelash growth serum.  Dermaroller is a good option for anybody, as it works to improve the condition of the skin from within.

Gift vouchers are also great for anybody considering one of SkinViva’s exclusive treatments as they can be used towards or in full payment of our innovative VivaLift, non-surgical brow lift or Da Vinci Lips treatment.

Special Gift Vouchers – Themed and Wrapped

gift voucher botoxOur special gift vouchers are themed and intended to be used on a specific treatment. These are ideal for regular clients who visit every few months and know what they want, but can also be a fabulous treat for somebody who deserves it.

These are beautifully packaged and we often theme the wrapping for seasonality e.g. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day. Let us know what the gift voucher is for and we’ll do the rest!


If you’re buying a gift, you might be a bit unsure as to whether it’s suitable. Don’t worry, every client always has a thorough consultation before their treatment – even patients who have been visiting for years. If the treatment on the gift voucher isn’t the most appropriate or is for any reason unsuitable, it can be swapped for another option to the same value or refunded. It’s as simple as that.

Gift Voucher Prices

Themed and Wrapped Gift Vouchers
Silver (1 area)£180
Gold (2 areas)£259
Platinum (3 areas)£299
Lip Enhancement£279
Cheek Enhancement£279