Notice anything in the picture that appears strange?

Can you notice anything in this picture that you may deem as strange? Or even disturbing?

The blood, right?! Looks a little scary, doesn’t it? So why would we show you a picture of it?

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    This shot, taken by Dr Sharan, actually shows how we’re practicing safe aesthetics at SkinViva (believe it or not!).

    Dr Sharan tells us, “Safety is paramount when I deliver aesthetic dermal filler treatments.

    “Every time I place the needle through the skin I draw back on my syringe to check I’m not in a blood vessel, before injecting filler. This simple, but important process is called aspirating.”

    And what we see in this picture is a positive aspirate.

    She continues, “In this situation I didn’t place any dermal filler in the area I drew back blood. If I had placed the filler it would have likely blocked the flow of blood in the area, which can have horrible consequences like tissue death (necrosis) or even blindness!”

    Always choose a clinician who knows their facial anatomy and takes these precautions to avoid complications.


    Dr Sharan reviews

    This has to be one of our favourite reviews of 2017, for Dr Sharan (pictured). It’s just one of our Google reviews.

    Dr Sharan Uppal

    “I have had both botox and filler once before and had been happy with the result (who isn’t happier when their face looks fresher) but this took it to a whole new level. I actually booked off the cuff after sitting through a friends appointment which was very professional and assuring. I think the difference here is that when I told Dr Sharan what I wasn’t happy with she really HEARD me. She gave firm and honest feedback and acknowledged my grievances whilst explaining what would/wouldn’t get me the look I want (which was basically a plump(er) face like I used to have 5-10 years ago without looking like someone else). We made a plan and after completion I. am. DELIGHTED. Dr Sharan really took her time to perfect each area. I haven’t been able to look at myself on a photo in such a long time, all I saw was lines/shadows and gauntness… but for the first time since I can remember I feel confident, in fact I may actually look better than I ever have done! I had no idea you could get filler on your nose either and had been considering a nose job but didn’t really want to go so extreme, a dot of filler later and its straight! I shall not be going elsewhere, thank you so much. 5 stars more than deserved for all of you at SkinViva.”


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