Blogger improves her side profile with Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Sabina Sher, Manchester’s finest Fashernably Late blogger, came into the SkinViva clinic in Manchester for non-surgical rhinoplasty. See how she got on. 

Ok, so you’ve got a bump on your nose and it bugs you. If anyone takes a picture of you from the side, it’s all you can see. Or worse, you’ve been ridiculed about it in the past (maybe it’s the butt of a family joke) and although you act as though you’ve brushed it off, the reality is the comments have stuck with you for all this time.

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    So, what do you do? You wouldn’t be the first to think your only option is cosmetic surgery. But who can afford the thousands of pounds, let alone the time off to recover? And yet after all that… what if you just don’t like it??

    Ok, so you’ll just have to live with it… is that what we’re saying? Wrong. Nose jobs have come a long way in the past 10 years. No longer do you need to go under the knife to achieve a perfectly proportioned nose.

    In fact, it could literally take half an hour out of your day with non-surgical rhinoplasty! This is where inject dermal filler (yes, the same product used for lip enhancements) into the nose to help vanish the appearance of bumps. Something one of Manchester’s top fashion bloggers, Sabina of Fashernably Late, found out this summer.

    Why did Sabina seek non-surgical Rhinoplasty?

    before-after-non-surgical-nose-job-blogOver the last few years, Sabina has noticed her nose changing shape. “Your ears and nose definitely grow; my nose has not been like this my whole life.” She continues, “It used to be perfectly straight”. Yet, in the past 5 years, Sabina has noticed a dorsal bump appearing (a bump on the bridge of the nose, noticeable from your side profile).

    “I think about having a nose job every single day”. And as we talk to Sabina more, it’s clear that this flaw (as she describes it) is more apparent as she’s in the public eye, posting images of herself daily on her Fashernably Late blog and social media channels.

    Sabina is a self-confessed perfectionist, exclaiming “I hate my side profile”. Scrolling through her Instagram feed, it’s hard to find any pictures taken from anything but face on.

    Yet to look at her, she’s a true natural beauty. Large piercing eyes, enviable clear skin and the shiniest of long dark locks. So, it’s fascinating to hear someone who has thousands of admirers online every single day can have her confidence knocked.


    How did choose a clinic?

    Although Sabina claims to think about having surgery every day, she’d never have gone through with it. She felt it was too invasive – a long period of down time, having to take a few weeks off for it to heal. But most of all, what if she didn’t like it?!

    Luckily her eyes were opened to the world of non-surgical facial aesthetics via a friend around a year ago who had heard about non-surgical rhinoplasty, whereby dermal filler is injected to shape the nose.

    “But I don’t want to make my nose bigger”, were Sabina’s initial reactions …and we get totally get the reasoning behind it! Yet, seeing the before and after pictures of those who’d had it done, she decided to take the plunge.

    Researching online, Sabina found it quite difficult to find the information and answers to many of her questions. So, naturally as any blogger would do, she reached out to her followers, and they recommended SkinViva!


    How does non-surgical Rhinoplasty work?

    As mentioned, using Juvederm Voluma (a premium, long lasting dermal filler), we can create a more beautiful & desirable nose. It takes a highly trained aesthetic clinician to carry out the treatment, and this probably addresses the reason as to why Sabina found it difficult to find much information online.

    Not only does dermal filler help to shape and straighten the nose, but it can also lift! So, you’d be wrong to assume filler wouldn’t be able to lift the tip. It’s remarkable what can be done when you think about it, really.

    So, what is dermal filler? Well, it’s a gel made from hyaluronic acid. Sounds scary, but in fact it is a type of sugar already occurring naturally in the skin.


    What if I don’t like it?

    Let’s address the elephant in the room! The joy with non-surgical rhinoplasty is the treatment is reversible. Yes, that means that if you don’t like the results we have an agent that can dissolve the dermal filler and reverse the treatment.

    What we would place an importance on, is preparing yourself mentally. Unlike having a surgical nose job, the results are instant. And apart from possible swelling, bruising and redness, you’ll be able to see the results straight away. Consequently, your face will look different and it can obviously be quite a shock.

    Our doctors and dentists give a full consultation before any treatment and can talk you through what to expect, the type of results and how we can generally help. Every non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment is bespoke to the client.


    Will it make my nose look bigger?

    Like Sabina, it’s common to think that by inserting filler to correct the shape of the nose, it will just make it bigger! But in fact, you could say the overall result is something of eye trickery.

    When you straighten a nose, your eyes are less distracted and therefore are not drawn to the “problem area”, meaning the eyes and lips ‘pop’. Arguably, making your face appear more beautiful.

    Sabina’s Results

    non-surgical rhinoplastySabina came in for non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment with our Clinical Director, Dr Tim Pearce. Talking with Sabina in the consultation, Dr Tim was able to understand her hopes and fears from seeking treatment.

    The overall procedure took around half an hour, with Dr Tim treating the very top of Sabina’s nose where her nose connects to her forehead. The result being a straight nose.

    She was genuinely surprised by how little it hurt, it’s fair to say she was expecting something much worse. The Juvederm filler does contain numbing agent in though, so it’s rare to experience a lot of pain.

    As for the results, Sabina was amazed – especially with it being so quick, whilst also being able to get on with her day. For a few days following the treatment, Sabina did have slight bruising, but nothing discomforting or noticeable.

    The most incredible thing to see was the use of side profile images now being uploaded on Sabina’s blog and Instagram account. The fact she now has the confidence to do something she’s never felt comfortable broaching before is what gets all of the SkinViva team out of bed each morning.

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    If, like Sabina, you have a bump on your nose that you’d like treating but feel cosmetic surgery is too invasive, a non-surgical rhinoplasty may be the perfect option. For more informatio n visit or call 0161 865 1141.

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    • lipdoctor says:

      I have a bump on my nose want to reshape my nose with non-surgical nose lift. Please guide me about the procedure.

      • Client Liaison says:

        Hi, our treatment for nose reshaping (non-surgical rhinoplasty or nose job) uses long-lasting dermal fillers to improve the overall appearance of your nose. Depending on your concerns and our expert’s assessment, this might include smoothing out bumps and humps for a straighter shape, creating more symmetrical profile or producing an overall impact that better fits the proportions of your face. Results are immediate and without the cost or downtime involved with surgery.

        The treatment costs £595 or else you can choose to spread the payments with a deposit of £297.50 and 6 x monthly payments of £49.58. You can find more information about this procedure at

        Our consultations are free of charge, so if you’d like to book an appointment with one of our Aesthetic Clinicians, please feel free to get in touch via 0161 865 1141 or

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