Non-Surgical Facelift : Your Questions Answered

What is being treated?

A VivaLift is designed to treat the whole face holistically. Otherwise known as a Non-Surgical Facelift, this treatment focuses on making lots of little changes to create a beautiful, natural result overall.

Non-Surgical Facelift Before and After at SkinViva

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    Why might I choose a Non- Surgical Facelift?

    Someone might choose to have a VivaLift Treatment if they are unhappy with the way that their skin has aged. Often, as we get older, areas of our face that were once plump and firm can lose their volume and begin to sag.

    The VivaLift focuses on the key areas of your face that will commonly suffer volume loss with age. Each treatment is specifically designed around the client’s needs, which means that no two treatments are the same. The most common areas treated during a Non-Surgical Facelift are the cheeks, chin, jowls, jawline, tear troughs and temple hollows.

    How is the treatment administered?

    The treatment is administered using a combination of Botox and long lasting dermal fillers, in order to rejuvenate the face in a way that looks completely natural.

    How does the treatment work?

    The VivaLift is all about using subtle rejuvenation to create a big impact. People may comment that you look younger and fresher but they won’t be able to pinpoint why and that’s what makes this treatment so effective.

    Our doctors focus on the principles of beauty when performing a VivaLift, making sure that they are following the golden ratio of balance and facial proportion.

    Perhaps the most noticeable difference that a Non-Surgical Facelift can make is the restoration of the youthful ‘V’ shaped jawline that often softens with age, becoming more of a ‘U’ shape.

    A soft ‘jowly’ jawline is a key indicator of the ageing process, so providing lift and definition to this area can make you appear years younger.Michelle VivaLift Before and After


    Are there any side effects?

    As with all treatments involving injections, there is some risk of bruising and swelling which should subside in a few days. You may want to rest for a day or two until any puffiness has gone down.

    If your treatment involves anti-aging injections, you might have a slight headache after treatment and for the next day.


    Are there any after care requirements?

    Like any treatment involving Dermal Fillers, it is important to avoid applying pressure to the area for the first couple of weeks. this is because the filler is still malleable and might shift slightly, which would have an impact on your result.

    If you have had Botox, you should avoid exercise, or anything that is likely to make you sweat, for the next 48 hours.

    You can help your bruises to heal faster by using Arnica Gel, but if you have a social event coming up, you might want to consider investing in some good foundation or concealer.


    How can I expect to feel after treatment?VivaLift before and after

    You should see great results as soon as your treatment is complete but you may be feeling a little sore from bruising and swelling for up to a week after.

    If you have had Botox, you should start to see the effect of this after a couple of weeks.


    How should I be feeling two weeks later?

    Two weeks after your treatment, your filler should have settled into its final result and you should be starting to see the effects of the Botox. If you aren’t happy with your final result or if you still have any pain or swelling, now is the time to contact your clinician for a follow up.


    How do I know whether a Non-Surgical Facelift will suit my face?

    At SkinViva all of our treatments are bespoke to you, meaning that our doctors will never proceed with a treatment if it isn’t completely suitable, even if that means saying no to treatment sometimes.

    The VivaLift can achieve dramatic results. You should prepare yourself for the fact that you may look quite different and it may take a while to adjust to your new look. You will be given an in depth overview of what to expect from your treatment during your consultation process


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