Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation / Reshaping for Men

The chin is one of the most defining features of the male face.

A strong chin is considered to represent strong character – think George Clooney or David Beckham.  So what makes a chin look ‘strong’?

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    Well firstly, the overall shape of it at the bottom would look squarish rather than pointed, as a pointed chin is more of a delicate feminine feature.

    In addition, the perfect male chin seen in profile would hit the right balance with the nose.  Too ‘recessive’ and the chin lacks definition and appears soft rather than angular.

    The Perfect Male Chin

    The perfect chin proportions are actually defined by mathematical laws. The Greek golden ratio of beauty – known as Phi – is thought to hold the secret formula of aesthetic perfection. The ratio of 1.618 is applied to the relative distance and proportions of facial features. The closer a person’s dimensions come to 1.618, the more ‘beautiful’ they are likely to be, due to better symmetry and balance of the features.

    So when it comes to the chin, here are a couple of key dimensions:

    1. Imagine the face split into 3 vertical sections – hairline to top of nose, nose from top to base and base of nose to base of chin.  These should all be equal length
    2. The width of the chin at the midpoint where it goes in the most should be 1.618 times the length of the lip

    Harry Styles tops the ‘most handsome chin’ list according to the Daily Mirror.

    Chin Augmentation and Reshaping

    Of course, not everyone is born with the perfect chin shape.

    Surgical chin implants are an option for boosting the chin, but these are not a straightforward procedure, with risks including infection (due to the operation being carried out from inside the mouth) and risks of implants becoming dislodged.

    Nowadays, non-surgical chin augmentation and reshaping is generally considered to be a far safer and easier option, as well as being cheaper.

    Non-surgical chin augmentation and reshaping for men at SkinViva uses the very latest long-lasting dermal fillers to add volume, shape and definition to the chin. This is carefully and precisely done in order to adjust the proportions of the chin and bring it into better balance, creating a better profile while respecting the inherent differences between male and female face shape. SkinViva’s clinicians are trained to that a subtly tailored approach is used to suit each patient’s own requirements.

    For more information, please visit Chin augmentation/reshaping for men.

    Non-Surgical Procedures for Men

    Increasing numbers of men are now looking into non-surgical treatments to improve their appearance.

    At SkinViva, interest in male procedures increased by a massive 43% in August 2017 vs the previous year. Other options include:

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