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Jawline contouring and lip fillers are two of the most popular treatments at the moment amongst 18-35-year olds.

Meet our lovely client Nicola, who came to SkinViva HQ for an appointment with Dr Adam. Nicola felt that her jawline was asymmetrical and wanted them to look even. This was achieved through both Dermal Fillers and anti-ageing injections to help relax the muscles.

Adam also advised that by having Lip Fillers it would strengthen her profile and draw attention to her most beautiful features.

Scroll down to find out more about her experience!

before after lip jawline fillers

Lip Fillers

Over the years, lip fillers have gained a pretty bad reputation. From being too big to looking too obvious, lip fillers definitely can be done badly.

However, at SkinViva you will only be treated by highly experienced medical professionals who know the rules of beauty and proportion inside out. You will also be in safe hands as they know how to treat any potential risks and complications that may occur.

What you can achieve with Lip Fillers:

  • More volume
  • More pronounced cupids bow
  • Defined vermillion border (lip liner look)
  • Facial Profiling (make features more in proportion)

How much is it?

Lip Filler treatment is conducted by the ml, usually only requiring 1.

  • £279 per ml (Standard – lasting up to 6 months)
  • £399 per ml (Premium – lasting up to 12 months)

Jawline Filler

Filler in the Jawline was pretty much unheard of until 2018 – now it is a household name. It’s now possible to get that celebrity contour without the help of genetics or going under the knife!

Dr Adam carefully injecting hyaluronic acid filler into the jawline to sculpt the look of a more symmetrical face.

How much is it?

The amount of mls used depends on how sharp/contoured a look you would like to achieve as well as what your existing jawline looks like

  • £259 per ml (Standard – lasting up to 6 months)
  • £395 per ml (Premium – lasting up to around 15 months)


To book in for a FREE consultation about Lip Fillers or Jawline Fillers please call 0161 865 1141 or email us at

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