New Video Demonstrates Da Vinci Lips

SkinViva Exclusive Treatment by Dr Tim Pearce

Following coverage of the treamtent in the Daily Mail, SkinViva has created a video to explain and demonstrate the Da Vinci Lips treatment. The Da Vinci Lips Concept

Dr Tim Pearce says:

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    “The important concept behind Da Vinci lip treatment is that there are some fascinating rules of beauty that were discovered by Leonardo da Vinci that now we can use to design lip treatments.”

    The ‘golden ratio’ of 1:1.681 is a mathematical statistic which is found again and a

    gain in nature, art and beauty. Dr Pearce continues:

    “…we can use it to shift lips in the direction of perfection.”

    Video Demonstration

    Da Vinci Lips Demonstration

    Dr Tim Pearce demonstrates how the Da Vinci Lips treatment is planned and carried out.

    Firstly, using a special measuring device, the face and lips are assessed in precise detail, measuring the width of the mouth, its position in relation to the nose and chin, proportion of top to bottom lip, lip distance to chin, lip thickness. Time is also spent analysing the details of your cupids bows, vermillion border and philtrum to ensure the subtle details are fully assessed.

    The Da Vinci lip treatment is designed to create an overall picture of beauty without any imbalances.

    Therefore if the assessment shows that a client has a slightly narrow mouth or a mouth that isn’t as wide as it should be relative to da Vinci’s golden ratio, long-lasting lip fillers can be used to make that better with a few injections. When all the ratios are correct, the face will be balanced and beautiful.

    The lips are carefully and precisely injected and moulded into position to create a beautiful lip shape which is in harmony with the facial features.

    Premium Juvederm Volift Filler

    The treatment incorporates the world’s best Juvederm Volift – a lip filler that integrates quicker and more accurately than any other, feels more natural, and lasts longer. Dr Pearce says that the product holds its shape well, giving crisp definition to the lips. Results should last for 15 months.

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