Introducing a WORLD FIRST in aesthetics – The Unicorn Horn

Here at SkinViva we are pleased to announce a new ground-breaking treatment to the world of medical aesthetics – the Unicorn Horn.

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    Dr Tim Pearce has developed a new and unique formula that allows for the growth of a beautiful and majestic unicorn horn.

    You can stimulate the body to react and grow bone in a new way using the right compounds and if you place the cranium at exactly the right angle, you’ll end up with something that looks exactly like a unicorn horn’.

    Why a Unicorn Horn could be right for you?

    It’s obvious that unicorns have really taken off this year. There is a growing subculture where people are truly captivated by all things unicorn.

    This new treatment will help people feel more like their true inner self by releasing the magic that is inside of them.

    SkinViva is all about releasing that inner confidence, no matter what form it may take.

    Dr Tim explains that:

    ‘In the past we have only stood for natural and beautiful results using injectables, but this is also beautiful even though it’s not natural’

    It has been impossible to achieve up until this moment. This new development is an exciting and interesting change in the industry that is going to take the world by storm.

    Unicorn Horn – what our client says

    This gorgeous client has loved unicorns ever since she can remember. And now she can embrace that love to the max.

    ‘The results have been life changing. Initially it was quite an adjustment. Both lifestyle and internally, and just how I looked at myself differently too’.

    However, this life changing procedure does come at a price. Costing £2000, this is the most expensive procedure at SkinViva to date.

    Are there any side effects?

    There are also some potential side effects:

    • Attracting attention from strangers
    • Bullying in the workplace
    • Trouble doing everyday activities such as washing up etc

    Our client claims that:

    “As well with how people reacted. There were quite a few people staring, people maybe making comments, but now they can see how much it’s changed my life”.

    Despite the potential side effects, interest in this treatment is proving very popular.


    The waiting list is growing so book now and get £20 off by texting UNICORN to 80011.

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