NEW SkinViva Lip Filler Aftercare Packs

SkinViva has introduced an exclusive aftercare pack for clients having lip filler procedures.

The aftercare pack contains essentials to keep your lips comfortable and hydrated after treatment:

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    • Cooling gel pack
      A neat little cool pack, just the right size for lips.
      This is designed to help with any swelling or soothe any discomfort after the local anaesthetic wears off.
      Reusable (just pop it in the freezer to chill it again) and versatile, this handy cool pack is handy for bruises, headaches and the occasional heatwave!
      Do be careful not to apply the cold pack for too long or at too low a temperature – it is often good advice to wrap it in a cloth or flannel to avoid direct contact with the delicate lip skin.
    • Lip balm
      Lip balm can be very soothing after having lip fillers.
      Well hydrated lips naturally look plumper, fresher and smoother.
      Our lip balm is essential everyday care for keeping your lips in tip top condition.

    The lip filler aftercare pack is exclusive to SkinViva and is given free with all our lip filler procedures:

    It’s a little gift from us just to help you feel extra pampered and cared-for.

    Lip Filler Aftercare Advice

    Side effects from lip enhancement filler tend to be short term issues. Here’s what you may expect and how to handle it:

    1. Swelling – this is quite common, but only tends to last a few days. The impact can be reduced with a cold compress.
    2. Bruising – this is fairly common and again, tends only to last for a few days. Arnica Gel can be helpful to reduce bruising and of course it can be disguised with makeup.
    3. Discomfort – the Juvederm range of hyaluronic acid fillers all contain a local anaesthetic and at SkinViva, we also offer a numbing cream prior to treatment; so the procedure is quite comfortable. Once the anaesthetic wears off, many patients don’t notice any discomfort at all. If you do, the cold pack can help to reduce any discomfort and/or normal painkillers (paracetamol or ibuprofen)

    Any Questions?

    If you have any concerns, SkinViva’s Customer Experience team are happy to help. They can get advice from our medical practitioners and if necessary, book an extra appointment.

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