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SkinViva in Manchester is delighted to announce the launch of Platelet Rich Plasma – an innovative treatment which harnesses the body’s own healing properties to rejuvenate skin, tackle sun damage, improve scarring and even help with hair loss

At SkinViva, we’re keen to offer our clients the latest and best treatments that are proven to deliver noticeable results.

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    PRP has been used for many years in the medical sector. It was originally used for treating burns victims, where it helps to promote the growth of new skin. It is also used in sports injuries.

    Now platelet rich plasma treatment is available for cosmetic and anti ageing treatments, where it harnesses the body’s resources for results that look natural yet are highly effective.

    How does PRP work?

    PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. This is the highly potent part of the blood which contains valuable healing agents.

    In this treatment, our clinicians take a sample of your own blood and the prepare it using our special equipment to extract the potent plasma which is rich in healing platelets.

    The second step of the process is to deliver the purified blood back into your skin or scalp. We do this by first preparing the skin using microneedling to create a series of mini channels before then carefully applying the prepared solution so that it can penetrate. Once back in your body, the concentrated platelets stimulate localised healing and rejuvenation. Results are not instant, but develop over the following weeks as your body produces new skin cells, collagen and elastin.

    What can be treated with platelet rich plasma?

    This is an extraordinarily versatile treatment, as it works in harmony with your body. It is biocompatible and can be used on the face, decollete, scalp or body. Potential treatment applications include:

    • Lines and wrinkles
    • Dry or dehydrated skin
    • Poor skin texture or lack of radiance
    • Pigmentation including sun damage, age spots
    • Scars including acne scarring
    • Dark circles
    • Stretch marks
    • Hair loss

    Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment Results

    PRP nose to mouth lines PRP eye treatment PRP forehead treatment

    PRP Manchester

    SkinViva’s clinicians are delighted to be able to offer platelet rich plasma at our Manchester clinic. For more information, see

    PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma


    SkinViva Manchester

    SkinViva was established in 2008 and has an excellent reputation for offering high quality skin treatments in the North West.

    Their team offer free consultations at their main clinic in Manchester. A consultation is always required prior to any cosmetic treatment and this is arranged with an experienced aesthetic clinician. The same individual would carry out treatment and this can normally be done at the same appointment if required.


    For further information or to arrange a confidential consultation with an aesthetic clinician, please call 0161 865 1141, email

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