New Evidence Shows Botox Could Help Depression

Botox is the world’s most popular wrinkle relaxing injection, thanks largely to its proven efficacy in tackling the signs of ageing.

Botox relaxes the fine dynamic facial muscles which cause lines and wrinkles allowing the skin to drape more smoothly and with a noticeable and rejuvenating reduction in lines.

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    Now new research has shown that botox has specific benefits not only to how a person looks, but also to how they feel.

    Look good, feel good?

    It seems to be the case that there is some truth in the old saying look good feel good.

    A study was held in Maryland, USA; assessing changes in the symptoms of severe or long-term depression after cosmetic use of botox for anti-wrinkle treatment.

    Symptoms of depression actually improved in 27% of patients after receiving botox injections compared with just 7% for those who had received a placebo.

    • The research has gone as far as to suggest botox can be used to treat depression. Obviously this depends on the nature of depression a person is experiencing and depression is a condition which requires clinical diagnosis and help. However, the research is not isolated. There have previously been suggestions that the action of frowning is in some way cyclical – that frowning can reinforce the feelings of depression. Botox essentially suppresses the frown, which stops the signals to the brain that indicate stress and ultimately help a person to feel better.

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