Natural Looks are Trending

All aesthetics treatments are incredibly popular right now. We are seeing an increasing trend towards people asking for more natural-looking procedures. Over the last few years, a more pronounced look for fuller lips has been popular. The trend has changed and now people are looking for a more discreet lip look.

The same trend has been evident with other treatments too, as many clients are asking for less obvious results. Some aesthetics experts are suggesting that part of this change in consumer demand could be down to the pandemic. Wearing a mask a lot means that you need to use facial expressions to communicate more than usual.

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    So, injecting lots of filler and having a more frozen look can be a communication barrier. Communication problems can arise not just when physically in front of someone. Recently, communicating over video calls using software such as Zoom has become more frequent in lockdowns. Zoom calls require lots of added help from facial expressions when you can’t meet face-to-face.

    Celebrities are leading the trend

    We have all seen photos of celebrities and thought ‘wow, they have gone way too far with those duck lips’ or ‘her forehead doesn’t have a single ripple of emotion’ due to too much filler. It looks like we will be seeing fewer of these examples on Instagram influencer accounts, and this is filtering down into the general population too.

    You might have seen that influencers such as Love Island’s Molly-Mae Hague have been promoting the natural look. Molly-Mae recently shared that she had her lip filler and jaw filler reversed, as well as going back to her natural teeth.


    How SkinViva creates a more natural look for clients

    At SkinViva we have adapted our treatments to ensure our clients get a natural, pared-down approach to beauty. We have provided micro-dosing treatments, where smaller volumes of filler are used, to result in discreet and less invasive changes to the face.

    From our initial consultation with a client, they describe the results they are looking for. Our clinicians will then design a bespoke treatment by looking at the whole face and contours, lines etc. The consultation helps to identify the right places to apply small injections to achieve a natural look. The change is small and we design it carefully to hugely enhance the face. Client’s are thrilled with the results, which boost their confidence and wellbeing.

    At SkinViva, we always look to do what is in the best interests of our clients and it is pleasing to see this change of trend, where our clients are choosing a more discreet aesthetics treatment. During our consultation, we discuss everything about the treatment process including the risks of having too much filler, what looks are trending and we discuss whether the treatment is the best option for the client.

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