Myth Busting and misinformation: Botox Edition

A lot of our clients tell us they would have tried Botox injections sooner, but they were too worried about some of the myths that they had heard. Like many aspects of beauty and aesthetics treatments, there is a lot of misinformation and myths about Botox.


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    We’re here to set the record straight by debunking some of the most common myths, which are:

    Myth: Botox completely freezes facial muscles

    This is false. When performed by a qualified, skilled aesthetics clinician, the Botox injection will freeze the injected muscle only. For example, if it is being injected into the forehead, the appearance of forehead wrinkles will disappear for around 3-6 months, but the rest of the face will be unaffected by the injection.


    Myth: Botox injections are painful

    Another concern for would-be Botox clients is that the injection will be painful, but the majority of clients feel very minimal pain or none at all. Clinicians offer numbing cream to reduce the likelihood of feeling any pain and to also help alleviate any fears of feeling pain. Again, using a fully qualified, skilled clinician will ensure that any pain is minimal and that there is only a very small risk of any problems.


    Myth: Botox isn’t safe/It’s toxic

    Botox has been used for over 30 years and as long as it is used in small amounts, it is safe to inject into the body. Botulinum toxin was first approved for use by the FDA in 1989 and it is used for the treatment of many different health conditions.


    Myth: Don’t get Botox until you get wrinkles

    While many people only start to consider Botox once wrinkles start to appear, it can be beneficial to start having Botox injections before wrinkles and lines appear. The injections can help to prevent wrinkles from developing, rather than being a reactive treatment to try and reverse wrinkles.


    Myth: You get immediate results

    When you have a Botox injection, you will rarely see any element of instant change but in general, the effects are gradual and will usually start to become properly visible after 5-10 days, with the full results taking up to 10-14 days. So, don’t be disappointed if you do not see an immediate impact following your treatment, you will need to be patient and wait for the results to show.


    Myth: Botox is only for women

    While the majority of people who request Botox treatments are women, an increasing number of men are starting to enjoy the benefits too. Botox is suitable for both men and women, in whichever facial areas that they feel the treatment is most needed.


    Myth: Anyone can inject Botox

    Unfortunately, there is a lack of regulations regarding Botox injections, which can put people at risk if they use someone who is not qualified to inject Botox. If you are considering Botox treatment, make sure that you use a professional clinic with fully qualified clinicians to ensure your treatment is performed safely and comfortably.


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    If you have any worries about Botox, get a free consultation from one of our medical professionals, who will be able to answer any questions you have.

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