More Men Are Now Enjoying the Benefits of Aesthetics Treatments

For a long time, aesthetics treatments have been predominantly used by women but recently there has been a significant increase in the number of men having treatments. One of the key reasons for this is that there is a wider range of treatments available, with many looking very natural, providing some small tweaks that enhance specific areas but are very subtle.

As well as having more options for treatments, it has become more acceptable for men to have aesthetics treatments, and celebrities and other people in the public eye are more open about having treatments. People are happily admitting to having hair transplants, as well as treatments such as Botox, whereas historically, men were less forthcoming with these details.

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    Some of the most popular treatments that men are having include:

    Anti-ageing injections

    Men who are conscious about lines and wrinkles around their eyes, on their foreheads or around the mouth are having non-surgical treatments that smooth out the lines. At SkinViva, our clinicians are all trained medical professionals who provide consultations to help men to decide on which treatment will get the results that they are looking for. Botox and dermal fillers are both becoming very popular choices for men who want to achieve younger looking and healthier skin.

    Non-surgical nose jobs

    If men are unhappy with the shape or size of their nose, there are more options than plastic surgery available. As well as being very expensive, plastic surgery is more evasive than non-surgical nose-jobs, which is why more men are turning to non-surgical nose-jobs instead. With this treatment, a highly skilled aesthetics practitioner will design the application of dermal fillers to even out the appearance of the nose and area around the nose. The procedure takes less than an hour but can provide great results to reshape the nose and boost self-confidence.

    male rhino before after filler

    Chin augmentation and reshaping

    This treatment provides men with a stronger looking chin. Many people see a strong jawline and chin as a masculine feature and dermal fillers are able to provide a more pronounced chin. The aesthetics clinician will design the treatment based around the current profile, using fillers to build up the profile with instant results. Through this reshaping, men generally feel much more confident about their appearance and the results will usually last for around 12 – 18 months. It is a quick, non-surgical procedure that carries minimal risk.

    Skinviva specialises in a wide range of aesthetics treatments, including providing men with the treatments listed above. Our trained medical professionals can provide an expert consultation to discuss the different options that are available for men, including which treatments will be more subtle, if that is a priority. Aesthetics treatments can give you a great boost in confidence, with treatments being quick and low-risk, as well as being much cheaper than surgery. We also offer an affordable monthly payment option to spread the cost of the treatments.

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