Men Warned Not to Risk At Home Botox

1 in 4 Men Have Treatment from Untrained Friends

male botox injectionsNew research has shown that men have a much less safe approach to arranging their non-surgical treatments than their female counterparts.

  • 25% of men have had treatment from untrained friends vs 10% of women
  • 17% would have BOTOX injections from an unqualified practitioner vs 10% of women
  • 16% would have dermal fillers from an unqualified practitioner vs 10% of women
  • 15% had been treated by a third party e.g. hairdresser without checking their qualifications vs 10% of women

Choosing a Qualified BOTOX Practitioner

The laws concerning Botox use are as follows:

  • BOTOX is regulated as a prescription-only medicine
  • The prescribing doctor/nurse/dentist must have a face to face consultation with the patient prior to prescribing it
  • It can currently be administered by an untrained non-medical personnel as long as there is a prescription for that patient

There are strong calls within the industry for tighter guidelines, to ensure that those administering BOTOX are trained and qualified to do so.

Meanwhile, patients are advised to choose their practitioner with care and ideally look for a fully qualified clinician who will provide a thorough suitability screening before prescribing and administering BOTOX. Look for somebody who is both trained and experienced in aesthetic treatments.

Manchester and Cheshire BOTOX®

Patients looking to have wrinkle-relaxing treatment in the North West will be reassured to know that SkinViva ticks all the boxes. All their injections are carried out by qualified medical professionals who have specific training in cosmetic treatments.

The company was established in January 2008 and remains an independent, doctor-led organisation with a firm commitment to patient welfare and safety, as well as great aesthetic results.

Appointments for men and women are available at an extensive network of convenient locations across the North West including Cheshire, Lancashire and Manchester.

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