Men – How to Look Younger for 2018

BOTOX® treatment for men is one of the fastest growing areas of the non-surgical skin treatments market and 2018 is set to be no exception, with more and more men expected to seek the popular anti-ageing treatment.

Statistics from the USA show that Botulinum Toxin injections on male patients have increased a phenomenal 483% over the last 10 years, whereas treatments on female patients have grown at a very respectable but somewhat smaller rate of 43%.

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    These figures are based on data from ASAPS (the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) whose members are accredited plastic surgeons.

    In the UK, BOTOX® for men has also grown substantially over the last few years.

    There are two key reasons for the staggering growth:

    1. New patients – men who are having BOTOX® for the first time
      • There is now much higher awareness of the treatment in the general population than 10 years ago
      • Far greater acceptance of the idea that men can have it as well as women – and that it is for anyone, not just elite or celebrities
      • Men wanting to look younger/fresher for a variety of reasons – including self-confidence as well as perceived need to look good for work or relationships
    2. ‘Repeat’ patients – men who are having BOTOX® and NOT for the first time
      • Men who having had the treatment, are keen to repeat it to maintain the benefit
      • Growing more confident in the practitioner’s ability to provide a good result
      • Willing to invest in themselves

    SkinViva see many men for BOTOX® treatment. One shared his experience in our video, while Dr Sharan demonstrates the use of anti-ageing injections for male patients.

    Video: BOTOX® Demo and Review

    Dr Sharan explains how the procedure is carried out:

    “The BOTOX® injections are done with a very fine needle and it’s just a couple of little injections into the key muscles so that we can create freshness of the face.”

    “Essentially what normally happens by creating a facial expression is the muscle folds the skin and by doing that several times a day we create creases in the skin. What BOTOX® is doing is keeping the muscle very still so that it can’t fold the skin and the skin has time to recover so the lines will soften”

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