How many injections will I have on my cheeks?

We’ve all head of dermal filler injections, but what many people find surprising is just how many injections you need for certain treatments, including your cheeks.

Dr Ahmed, one of our top aesthetic clinicians at the SkinViva clinic in Manchester, explains in this short 15 second video explains:

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    “Typically, when we are augmenting the cheeks with filler, we will inject roughly between 4 or 5 injection points.”


    Where will you inject dermal filler?

    We will make around 4 or 5 insertions of the needle (with dermal filler) along the cheek bone to enhance and lift your cheeks.

    If you are having your cheeks treated by one of our Doctors, we will always have a consultation with you first to understand what you’re trying to achieve. Your mid-face is the first place your face starts to age, so having your cheeks treated is a great way to reverse the signs of ageing.

    When will I see the results?

    The great thing about treating the cheeks using dermal filler is you will see the results immediately! It’s worth mentioning that you may have some soreness, swelling or bruising for a couple of days after your treatment (especially if it’s your first time). But this isn’t anything unusual.

    Want to know how long the cheek filler will last? Follow the link.

    Is there any downtime?

    Yes, a little – but nothing like when having surgery! You will be able to get on with your day – whether that’s going to work, walking the dog or catching up with friends over coffee!

    All we would ask is you don’t do the following within 24hrs:

    • No strenuous exercise
    • No alcohol
    • No sauna’s or hot tubs

    We’re sure you can see where we’re going with this one… basically anything that will raise your body temperature or make blood rush to the head. So, a marathon followed by a spa afternoon with prosecco is off the cards. For 24hr at least.

    Why? Although it’s nothing too harmful health wise, it will affect the results of your treatment. An frankly, that would be a waste of your time and money.

    What products do you use?

    Juvederm is the brand of dermal filler we use. We believe that the Juvederm range (both standard and premium) are the best products on the market.

    This coupled with our doctors skills and technique is why we are typically priced at the higher end of the market.


    Cheeks is currently Dr Ahmed’s Treatment of the Month! Follow the link to see why.

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