How we make dermal filler treatments look natural

So – you’re looking at having fillers and you don’t want them to look fake or ‘overdone’. That’s why you’ve come to SkinViva!

But you want to know HOW and WHY we make all of our treatments look natural?

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    The Golden Ratio

    The Golden Ratio, also known as the divine proportion, is a special number that appears multiple times in nature, geometry and art.

    The exact ratio is 1:1.6, which is most beautiful to the human eye.

    For example, it is found in the ratio of a spiral within a flower and the spiral of a galaxy.

    This carries on in all different forms of nature, including the human body.

    golden ratio natural treatment

    Dr Adam says

    ‘The ratio is found all the way around the body and in the face as well’.

    However, some people are closer to the golden ratio than others.

    An example of a golden ration would be the width between the inner side of each eye, compared to the cheek projection (1:1.6). And how can this help us design treatments?…

    If you come into our Manchester clinic looking for a cheek enhancement and your cheeks sit slightly below this ratio, we can see that we can help you, without treatment looking unnatural.

    How do we use the Golden Ratio in SkinViva treatments?

    SkinViva train all their highly experienced clinicians on how to apply the scientific rules of beauty such as the golden ratio to every treatment.

    Features are not looked at on their own but are looked at as an entire face using a calliper tool.

    One of our most popular treatments, Lip Fillers, largely incorporates the golden ratio.

    Dr Adam says

    ‘Another common one we look at is the lips. The lips should be a ratio of 1:1.6 on the bottom’.

    ‘If you go outside that proportion or keep them at 1:1 or do the top lip bigger, then we know that the golden ratio doesn’t fit and they start to look a lot less natural’.


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