How to look as beautiful as Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is one of the most talked about ladies in the world right now.

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    And rightly so – she’s truly beautiful!

    Want to know the secrets behind looking that beautiful? Well SkinViva Manchester can help you out!

    We will explain how an Advanced Facial Analysis (AFA) can help you on the way to becoming royalty.

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    So – what does Dr Tim say about Meghan?

    Overall her features are well in proportion and she has a very symmetrical face. Both of these factors contribute to what makes a face considered beautiful.

    Out of all the royal princesses she comes the closest to the ancient Greek idea of ‘perfection’.

    She is an 87.4% match according to the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi.

    Her jawline is well defined and she has a prominent chin, both of which frame the rest of her features.

    One of her most beautiful features are her lips.  The philtrum and the cupid’s bow have perfect definition.

    Wait – so why are these scientific rules of beauty so important?

    Everyone is beautiful in their own way, but there are specific scientific rules of beauty that help measure how people are considered traditionally beautiful.

    By using facial mapping, our clinicians apply the scientific rules of beauty to our clients when they are having treatment.

    This includes using the golden ratio method which helps understand how much product is needed in each area.

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    Is that all there is to it?

    NO – being beautiful isn’t just about having great features, but it is also about having no distractions.

    Distractions include features such as having a bump on the nose, a weak chin, thin lips etc.

    Features like that can distract from existing beautiful features such as your eyes.

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    A lot of the treatments at SkinViva offer a way to reduce those distractions in order to enhance your natural beauty.

    Dr Tim says

    ‘’No distractions are one of the things we’re always working to do in aesthetics, is to remove distractions from features such as the eyes.’’

    How can SkinViva help me?

    SkinViva offer an exclusive treatment called an Advanced Facial Analysis (AFA).

    An AFA is a detailed consultation that looks at your entire psychology and anatomy. By applying the scientific rules of beauty and golden ratios, you come out with a bespoke treatment plan that is unique to you.

    This can help achieve your beauty and confidence goal by looking at what you may like to enhance or minimise.

    This way you can feel like a QUEEN in your own right!



    To book an Advanced Facial Analysis with one of our clinicians, call the clinic on 0161 865 1141 or e-mail at The appointment will take around 40 minutes and you will come out with a treatment plan bespoke to you.

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