“How long will cheek filler last?” – with Dr Ahmed

How long your cheek filler treatment will last is ultimately dependant on the individual and the choice of product. Sound like an excuse? Keep with us…

At the SkinViva clinic, we only use Juvederm filler as we pride ourselves on providing the best possible treatment and products for our customers! You can choose between the Juvederm Ultra (standard) or the Juvederm Vycross (premium) range for a cheek enhancement.

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    You can expect to get between 6-9 months out of the Juvederm Ultra range and anywhere between 12-18 months for the premium range of Juvederm products, Vycross.

    What dermal filler would SkinViva advise for cheeks?

    Ultimately, it’s down to the individual goals of each client and we will talk this through with you at a consultation. You must ask yourself what is it you want out of having the treatment? And then we can tailor a treatment plan that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

    Dr Ahmed comments:

    I will always advocate the premium cheek filler [Vycross range] because it has far more advantages.

    This is down to the product being more durable in the moulding and sculpting of the cheeks.

    But one of the main advantages of the premium filler is it lasts longer. Typically, I will expect results to last 12months+”.

    In the long run providing great value for money at just over £100 extra for around double durability.


    What are the benefits of having cheek filler?

    Dermal filler doesn’t just fill, it lifts too. Your facial ageing will start around the mid-face. So, by replacing volume loss, we’re able not only able to restore your cheeks but your whole face will benefit.

    Giving you a sense of rejuvenation. So hell yes, there are a range of benefits that you can get by just having one cheek enhancing treatment!


    How much does it cost to have your cheeks filled?

    As mentioned, we use two different Juvederm filler products for our cheek treatments. Therefore, there are two different prices:

    1. Standard Juvederm is £279 per 1ml of product.
    2. Premium Juvederm is £395 per 1 ml of product.

    1ml… is that enough/too little?!” To give you a better idea, most of the clients we treat for cheek voluminisation& shaping will use 1ml of product in total. But this is obviously all dependant on each individual.


    We do however, offer free consultations to help guide you into choosing the right treatment plan for you. Over 90% of our clients seeking dermal fillers treatment will book in for a consultation before having treatment.

    To see how we can help you achieve your goals, book in for your free consultation by calling one of our Customer Experience girls on 0161 856 1141. Alternatively, you can pop your details into our contact form on the right if you have any questions.

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