Let’s Face Facts: 8 Facts you didn’t know about ageing!

We all know as we grow older our bodies change, from shrinking in height to our voice changing. Our face is the first thing we notice changing as we age, so the clinicians here at SkinViva Manchester have some interesting face facts you probably didn’t know!

  1. Ageing causes us to lose bone mass, meaning as you age your face will shrink.
  2. Your hairline gets higher and your eyebrows drop, so your forehead gets bigger.
  3. The tip of your nose dips as you age because of loss of volume 
  4. Smoking is the only environmental issue that causes wrinkles as the pursed lips action increases the lines around the mouth.
  5. Your chin is the only part of the face that ages upwards, everything else sags downwards.
  6. The muscles in your face get more active as you age – hence more wrinkles!
  7. The only bones that continue grow as we age are your Nose and Ears.
  8. After the age of 28 our skin cells don’t work in the same way they once did.


These face facts may sound daunting but the effects of ageing can be countered with surgical and non-surgical treatments. If you’re tired of seeing the same old wrinkles or just want to look youthful there are many treatments which could help you!

What does Botox do?

Botox (short for Botulinum toxin) is a non-surgical treatment which briefly relaxes muscle movement for 3-4 months, which will help in the reduction of wrinkles.

What do Fillers do?

Fillers aim to replace the fat pads we lose as we age, giving the appearance of soft smooth skin by lifting areas & filling out lost volume.

Dermal Fillers are also a common way of improving areas by adding volume (such as the lips) for a plumper appearance and last much longer than Botox (up to 24 months in some cases).


Botox and Fillers can be used to treat the similar problems that come with ageing and some of the face facts mentioned. However, there is also the option of surgical treatments – it all depends on the individuals preferences & preferred treatment.

Difference between Botox & Fillers

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