Lesley Ash Shares Dermal Filler Advice

Lesley Ash is infamous for the cosmetic treatment horror story which left her with a ‘trout pout’ in 2002.

Her experience was over a decade ago yet is still often held up as an example of what happens when treatments go wrong. Lesley appeared on ITV’s this morning, where she explained how she felt:

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    ‘You feel like hiding yourself away and never coming out.’When it’s gone badly there’s this shame. I know because I went through it.’

    Having experienced the downside of surgery first-hand, Lesley is urging others to ‘do their homework’ before treatment.

    ‘When it happened to me, I did not do my homework’

    ‘I thought it was a dermal filler that my body would just break down. But unbeknownst to me they used an industrial filler which got mixed up with my muscle. Those are the complications that can happen.’

    ‘We live in a hyper-vanity time, where the selfie rules and looking good and being body beautiful are everything.’

    ‘There are more treatment options than ever before but with so many options out there it’s difficult to know what options to take.’

    Lesley has added her voice to the calls for better regulation of the industry in the UK.

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