Kyle Files Investigates Facial Aesthetics Industry

Jeremy Kyle investigated the massive rise in demand for cosmetic injections on The Kyle Files 8th April 2019, ITV, raising some concerns about the safety of procedures carried out by unregulated practitioners. 

The programme included case studies of patients who had spent thousands on a significant amount of treatment, some who had a bad experience with complications and infections and undercover footage of a high street salon using imported dermal fillers.

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    Jeremy Kyle introduced the programme saying:

    “I think it’s pretty well-known that I have been having anti-wrinkle injections such as BOTOX® for the last 6 years. I’ve always used the same guy and I absolutely trust him to make sure that they’re safe.

    “But the thing is that so many people are now getting these treatments and some are pushing it to the extreme. So the question I want to know is – are all of these practitioners as responsible as mine/?”

    Kyle continues:

    “The facial aesthetics industry is now thought to be worth almost £3 billion and even high street shops are jumping on the bandwagon to cash in. Many blame the rise on social media and reality television. But the pursuit of the perfect pout to copy the stars is not without risk. So as the business and in some cases the lips get bigger, what does that mean for the people having it done?”

    He explained that younger patients were more attracted by cheaper deals, often found via social media or voucher sites. Yet sadly the risks and complications had affected younger consumers. Facial aesthetics is still an unregulated market, but the programme highlighted that some practitioners had little or no training while others lied about their credentials.

    Jeremy said:

    “I’m surprised that there is no universal regulation for this industry when the procedures can have dangerous consequences. And if practitioners can cut corners and there’s no comeback, then I can see how hard it is for customers to work out who to trust.”

    Two undercover reporters visited a high street salon which had been mentioned in complaints and found a series of concerns, from communal numbing cream, showing products that appeared to have been imported and potentially administering botulinum toxin anti-wrinkle injections without a prescription.

    Department of Health Intend to Strengthen Regulation

    The Kyle Files contacted the DoH for a statement. They said they were ‘concerned about the growth of risky cosmetic procedures being delivered by poorly regulated practitioners’ and acknowledged the danger of ‘cosmetic procedures becoming like going to the hairdressers’ but that the ‘risks associated with a procedure going wrong are so much worse’. The Department of Health said they were exploring options to ‘strengthen regulation and improve safety through better training, robust qualifications and better information so people can make informed decisions about their care.

    Safe Choices

    Until regulation comes in, clients are advised to choose their practitioners carefully.

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