Know Your Nose Anatomy! Rhinoplasty Advice

Rhinoplasty is a procedure which is carried out to reshape the nose – more commonly referred to as a nose job.

Surgical rhinoplasty involves either reduction of the cartilages and sometimes bones, or sometimes augmentation with cartilage and bone from the ear and ribs. Sounds quite dramatic and actually it is! Which is why many people opt for a non-surgical rhinoplasty instead.

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    The non-surgical nose job is a procedure that uses advanced dermal fillers to reshape the nose from the outside by smoothing out deformities such as humps/bumps and depressions, also addressing any asymmetry. Logically, adding volume to the nose will always make it bigger, but by blending out deformities, it can very often make the nose less noticeable.

    Whichever option you go for, it’s helpful to understand a bit about nose anatomy. An attractive nose is defined by a lot of angles and proportions.

    • Nasolabial angle – this is the angle between the columella (cartilage section of the lower nose) and the lip
    • Nasofrontal angle – the angle between the nasal angle and the forehead when viewed from the side

    If there are issues that bother you and you are considering nose reshaping, then it helps to have a bit deeper understanding of the nasal features.

    Know your nose features

    The structure of the nose is a complex arrangement of bone and cartilage. If you have a consultation for a nose job, you may come across a number of new terms.

    We’ve put together a list of just a few of the terms which may help you work out what areas:

    • Bridge (nasal dorsum) – the surface of the upper two thirds of the nose, made up of upper bone and middle cartilage
    • Nasal tip – the point at the lower end of the nose
    • Lower lateral cartilages (alar cartilage) – provides the structure for the lower third of the nose, as two cartilages made up the tip of the nose, where there is no bony structure
    • Radix – the nasal root that correlates with the higher end of the nasal bridge
    • Glabella – this area may be considered above the nose – it is the bony area between the eyebrows with underlying frontal sinus and soft – where frown lines appear
    • Columella – the structure between the nostrils that is made of cartilage in the lower third of the nose
    • Septum – the dividing wall between nostrils
    • Upper lateral cartilages (septal cartilage) – the cartilage in the upper and central section of the nose
    • Lower lateral cartilages (alar) – the cartilage in the lower part of the nose, where the septum and tip are formed

    Non-surgical nose job

    rizwan nose

    There’s no damage to the bone or cartilage with a non-surgical nose job, which is a huge benefit.

    Firstly, it makes it a much cheaper procedure; yet a lot of common deformities and concerns can be treated by expert use of long-lasting dermal filler. Humps, bumps and asymmetry can be significantly improved.

    Secondly, there’s next to no recovery after having dermal fillers. There’s no need to wear splints/bandages, you can carry on as normal; whereas a surgical nose job usually requires a week or more wearing dressings and takes a full year to properly heal.

    Finally, the results of a non-surgical rhinoplasty are not permanent and if required can even be reversed. Surgery is permanent and irreversible.

    The surgical nose job is ideal for a host of cosmetic improvements. It cannot tackle is breathing difficulties or significant deformities (e.g. after broken nose), but it is a sensible choice for many patients who are looking to improve the shape of their nose to improve the appearance of their face as a whole.

    Not all dermal filler practitioners offer nose reshaping, as it is a more advanced procedure requiring greater skill, training and experience.

    However, SkinViva in Manchester have a host of highly expert Aesthetic Clinicians and have carried out many nose jobs with great results and high levels of satisfaction.

    Nose reshaping consultations with our injectors are free and without any obligation to go ahead, so it’s an ideal opportunity to find out more and get expert advice on how your nose could be improved.

    30-Minute Nose Job

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