Karrie recieves transforming VivaLift (non-surgical face lift)

No longer do you need to go under the knife and spend £1000’s to rejuvenate your look and reverse the signs of ageing.

Botox and dermal fillers have come a long way in their short lifespan, and it’s beginning to appear their talents are endless – from a 30 minute nose job to remove bumps and even lift the tip right through to a full non-surgical face lift, aka a VivaLift. As pioneered by SkinViva Manchester’s Clinical Director, Dr Tim Pearce.

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    Karrie receives a non-surgical face lift – the VivaLift!

    To keep a natural look, whilst refining the lines around my eyes and forehead – as they’re my most worrying areas

    This is exactly the type of result 99.9% off our clients are after – to refresh their look, but to still remain a natural appearance. And this is exactly why a VivaLift is the perfect treatment if you’re looking to refresh your whole face.

    Why? Well, there are 3 main reasons:

    1. You can space treatment out, so you don’t feel you’re drastically changing your look in one go
    2. It’s non-invasive, meaning you don’t need weeks of recovery and it’s over 90% less painful
    3. It’s reversible! If you aren’t keen on the results, it’s simply a matter of dissolving the product

    Click the link to see more comparisons between a surgical face lift and a VivaLift.

    Karrie’s non-surgical face lift (VivaLift) results!

    Don’t you agree, Karrie looks completely refreshed – without looking “overdone”.

    We LOVE this result <3 …do you?
    vivalift (non-surgical face lift)


    VivaLift treatment details

    Clinician: Dr Tim Pearce

    Price: minimum of 5mls at £1975

    How long does it last: We only use premium filler for our VivaLifts for it’s sculpting qualities and longer lasting results. Typically, results should last around 1 1/2 years, but we’ve know clients to have results that last up to 3 years!

    How long does it take: Around 2 hours with a consultation


    To discuss whether you would be suitable for a VivaLift, you are more than welcome to book in for a free Advanced Facial Analysis (AFA) with one of our clinicians on 0161 865 1141. If you have any questions about a VivaLift, please comment below.

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